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Accounting Job Interview Questions

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Welcome bean counters!  So you have a big job interview for that accounting position, now what do you do?  Well the first thing you should do is to prepare yourself for the kinds of questions you’ll be asked in your job interview and make answer notes.  Because the key to success is preparation, so if you want to land that space accounting job, read the following article.

Today, we will cover common interview questions asked in accounting job interviews.  In addition, we will space show you practical tips on how you can prepare yourself to answer these questions.

Attention to Detail

I can’t think of any other job that requires attention to detail more than an accountant.  For this reason, you can be damn sure that you will be asked job interview questions designed to assess your attention to detail.

So how should you answer these kinds of job interview questions?  How can you show an employer that you thought the I’s and crossed a T’s?  Well, actually without you knowing you’ve already shown your ability to focus on details with your resume.  In accounting resume free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will demonstrate to an employer that you pay attention to details.  So step one, make sure your resume is error-free.

But what if you are asked to describe your ability to pay attention to details in the job interview?  How should you answer this question?  The best way to answer this question as an accountant is to provide an example when you had to keep track of a lot of detail in your work.  For example, provide an example to show this skill when you had to prepare a company report such as the financial report, analyze balance sheets and income statements, annual report, and corporate social responsibility report.  Or perhaps another great example to show this skill is to speak to a time when you had to find an error in financial data.  Regardless of what example you use make sure that you include the final successful result that you achieved.

Analysis And Critical Thinking

One of the top competencies that employers look for in accounting professionals, is critical thinking and analytical ability.  How can you answer in your accounting job interview to demonstrate your critical thinking ability?  Take a moment right now to think about the biggest and most complicated problem you have to solve in the last year.  Write down what the problem was, what may, lacks, what steps you took, when you considered how you solved the problem.  This exercise will help prepare you to answer your job interview question successfully.

Strong Communication And Interpersonal

Another kind of question that you will be sure to face is one that will be used to assess your communication and people skills.  Because accountants not only prepare the numbers, but have to explain the numbers, you need to prove communicate effectively.  In addition, accounting professionals must provide financial advice.  The best way to answer this kind job interview question is to provide an example of when you had to explain complicated and technical accounting information to a non-account.  This will show your ability to translate technical accounting data into layperson language.  And if you can do this, then you can speak anyone.

Another great way to show your communication and people skills is to provide an example of when you had to influence and persuade an individual or group of individuals.  Think back to some of the presentations you had to make where you had to convince an audience who may not have agreed with your point of view.  Make sure that you explaining your interview the successful result you achieve.

Multi-Task, Work Under Pressure And Meet Deadlines

Accounting professionals are required to take on many projects, work long hours and meet deadlines within the financial cycle.  Employers always want to ask job interview questions designed to assess your ability to juggle tasks, work under pressure and meet deadlines.  So, how can you answer this kind interview question?  A really effective way is to speak to the multiple demands on your life and how you balance them.  For example, you may be in accounting manager who may also volunteer or sit on a board.  Another good example, might be that you could be a parent juggling in accounting career and also participate in community service.  You get the idea.  In other words, the best way to show that you can multitask, work under pressure and meet deadlines is to show an employer that doing these things is a part of your life.

Supervisory And Leadership.

This next paragraph applies more to senior accounting position and accounting professionals who must lead in accounting department or project.  Leadership skills are key to senior accounting positions.  If you are interviewing for a job as senior accountant, accounting manager, controller, the vice president of finance, CFO, and so forth, you can be sure that you will be asked questions to assess leadership style and ability.  What is the best way to answer this kind of job interview question?  One very effective way to show that you have supervisory skills is to think back to a time when you had an employee who struggling to meet departmental goals and objectives.  Make a note of how you handle the situation, what steps you took to help train this employee, identifying obstacles and what measures you implemented to improve this employees performance.  By doing this you will show that you are a competent and fair supervisor.

To show your leadership skills, think of a time when you had to lead a group him to accomplish tasks.  It is paragraph that you describe the successful achievement of this group that you led.  Nothing demonstrates successful leadership better than successful team results.

Below are common job interview questions for the Accounting industry.  These questions have been designed specifically for each role by HR Pros and hiring managers.  Use these questions to help you prepare for your interview.  Remember a good interview answer is a great interview answer when it is backed up with an example.   So be prepared to provide an example to illustrate that you are the one to hire.

Until next time, good luck and much success in your search for your dream job!