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Accountant Job Interview Questions

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Accountants are trusted professionals that deal with financial information and help employers determine how much money they’re making, how much money they’re spending and so forth. They usually hold an accounting certification such as a certified general accountant or CGA, chartered accountant or CA, or certified management accountant or CMA.

If you are applying for a job in this field, below are some good job interview questions for an accounting job.

5 Accountant Job Interview Questions

Describe a time when you faced a particularly demanding deadline (emergency, rush, etc) to prepare a financial statements and reports. How did you react? What was the result? What did you learn to handle the situation better?

When reconciling various balance sheet accounts to subsystems: Tell me about a time when you noticed a source of potential loss for a company or identified an undetected financial error before anyone else. What did you do about it?

Hours of journal entries can be Grueling how do you make sure that you do not make mistakes?

What me about a time when you had to explain a complex accounting issue to someone with without an accounting background? How did you help your audience understand?

As our accountant you will be working with the leadership team and executives in building budgets and financial plans.  Tell me about some the financial planning you have done.

Depending on the employer and industry, here are some titles related to Accountant:


supervisor, accountants

accountants supervisor

branch accountant, bank

bank branch accountant

budget accountant

chartered accountant (CA)

CA (chartered accountant)

chartered accountant (CA) student

CA (chartered accountant) student

CGA (certified general accountant)

certified general accountant (CGA)

CMA (certified management accountant)

certified management accountant (CMA)

cost accountant

claims accountant

departmental accountant

financial accountant

general accountant

industrial accountantmachine processing accountant

management accountant

plant accountant

production accountant

project accountant

property accountant

public accountant

supervisor, public accountants

public accountants supervisor

tax accountant


public accountants chief


chief accountant

manufacturing accountant

intermediate accountant

senior cost accountant

auditor-chartered accountant (CA)

auditor-CA (chartered accountant)