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Accounting Clerk Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here is a tip, make sure that when you respond to the interviewer that you incorporate examples to show that you are an organized self-starter. Employers hiring Accounting Clerks look for those who have innovation along with strong oral and written communication skills. Provide samples of work or recommendation letters to illustrate attention to detail and follow. Along with the requisite knowledge of accounting separate yourself from the other candidates with your experience with computers and working with financial reports.

Further to this is the ability to take direction well and work well with others. As an accounting clerk, you will usually work under the direction of an accounting manager or an accountant. It is important that you are ready to show an employer that you take direction well. So have an example of when you were given some feedback that you considered. Explain how you learned from this feedback and you will show an employer that you are the one to hire.

So I hate to tell you this but the accounting clerks often also double as a receptionist so make sure you are a person who likes to greet people and stay organized and is comfortable doing clerical work.

As mentioned, the other very common thing that employers look for is an accounting clerk who will usually work as a receptionist or front office person as well. So it’s very important day in your job interviews you present well which means looking neat and tidy have your hair tidy and dress in a professional manner but also have a great smile and good voice tone. A great way to show that you are the kind of person that an employer wants to be the face of the company is to smile when you say hello no answer the phone you say hello when you greet your interviewers. By doing so you will change the tone of your voice to a very positive and upbeat person and this is the kind of person that they would want to hire for their accounting clerk.

As far as the kind of skills that look for the ones that are really in high demand are really good computer skills namely Microsoft Excel and office.


The accounting department is very large and or company, and there are very many personalities that you have to work with.  When have you worked with someone that you did not get along with?

Describe your experience with accounts receivable and payable.

When have you had to discuss financial results with management?

Handling discrepancies is a key part of this job.  Describe the most complex accounting discrepancy you had to resolve.

Why did you leave your last job as a Accounting Clerk? What are you looking for in your next job?

We are looking for someone to bring some fresh new ideas to our team. Tell me about some of the new ideas you’ve brought to your last jobs.

Teamwork is something that we are proud of in our accounting department.  Think of a time you helped a colleague and tell me what you did to help them?

What is your experience with daily worksheets and the general ledger system?

This position will help to make decisions independently  at times. When have you had to make a difficult decision as an Accounting Clerk. Run me through your reasoning in all the elements that you considered.  What was the result in your decision?

You will need to enter a high volume of entries and we will need to make sure that they are accurate. Comment on the accuracy of your work within accounting. Do you have any stats to support this? For example, what was your error rate?

It’s a busy department especially during tax season or year-end financial, how do you juggle the various requests coming from different people?

We are looking for someone with a keen eye for details. What have you noticed a problem within accounting data set that no one else saw?

 Describe a time when you didn’t notice an error in your work.  Such as willin entering as daily worksheets to the general ledger system, preparing accounting reports, etc.

The senior accountant will be providing you direction and day-to-day work. We don’t always agree with those who are in charge. Tell me about when you have disagreed with the Accountant’s direction.

What are your standards of success in your job? What have you done to meet these standards as a Accounting Clerk? Give a recent example.

Rate your level of expertise with auditing daily sales reports.

What experience do you have with accounting systems and software? What is your proficiency level?