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Assistant Controller Sample Job Interview Questions

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Controllers are senior accounting professionals who directs accounting and financial reporting. Most Financial controllers hold a bachelors, or masters degree in accounting and/or business admin. In addition, most hold an accounting certification like CGA, CMA, CA etc. They are relied upon by companies to set the financial strategy and internal financial controls.

When it comes to education employers hire assistant controllers who have a masters degree in business administration or a MBA. The other designation often sought after is the CPA or chartered professional accountant. So if you don’t have those degrees or education you should make sure that you are on your way to completing this requirement.

Well this may sound like common sense but assistant controllers need to work closely with controllers, often you report to controllers. So it’s important that you show that you are team player who can handle direction, take critical feedback. Don’t be surprised if you were asked when you were given critical feedback or when you’ve made a mistake in a previous job. What the employer is looking for here is not a better person that never makes mistakes, but they’re looking for someone who’s able to recognize that they are not perfect and can accept or consider some feedback. This is a very common type of question to be asked in a job interview for assistant controller positions.

Below are Assistant Controller sample job interview questions to prepare for your next interview.


What do you think  you bring to the role that is unique as a controller?

Describe a difficult decision you had to make regarding approving finances?

What experience you have in public practice?

As a senior member of the accounting team, you’ll need to mentor Junior accountants.  Tell me about your experience mentoring Junior accountant’s to ensure that their accounting and analysis duties are done well.

How do you determine the right level of profitability for a company within a specific period of time?

Sometimes our bosses do not agree with us.  Have you ever experienced a situation where your idea to improve profits was not positively received?  How to handle this?

Sometimes senior managers do not fully understand the financial implications of their decisions.  When has this happened to you?

We are looking for someone with strong leadership skills in this Accounting role. How often do you meet with your employees as a group? How do you prepare for these meetings? What is your role? Give an example.

What types of forms do you regularly complete in our job as Assistant Controller? Tell me about one of the most difficult or important forms you have had to complete.

Have you had an opportunity to generate a novel solution to a problem? What happened? Where/How did you initially come up with the idea?

Have you ever set a goal for someone who reports you which was not achieved? How did you respond?

Not everybody is reasonable, that’s just a fact of working life. When have you had to deal with someone who is very unreasonable?

What do you think are the most important elements to ensure financial forecasts are accurate?

How  do you ensure that sure team members are challenged in their roles?