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Chief Financial Officer Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are some common chief financial officer job interview questions.


How can the CFO be a great leader? Describe what makes a great leader.

What types of financial proposals have you written to improve the analysis of variances between budgets, estimates and actual costs? Tell me about one of these proposals.

Describe your experience with setting long-term financial strategy to improve costing, accounting and coding systems.

Tell me about a difficult situation where you had to assess organizational performance against the annual budget and strategy.

We are looking for you to educate the board on product margin reporting and analytics. How do you go about engaging the board of finance?

What are some key things when it comes to long-term budgetary planning and cost management?

What do you consider when looking at potential sponsorships and acquisitions?

Tell me about some of the recommendations you may both strategic and tactical based on financial results in your last job.

What was the most complex analysis, you have to execute?  What is his initiatives have you led?  For example, opening new operations, asset acquisition or new service launches.

Tell me about a team member who was not delivering up to your expectations. How do you handle this?

When have you had to guide large cross functional teams beyond your own direct span of control?  What was the outcome?

What is the most important thing when partnering with executive staff to ensure a positive, productive relationship?

Tell me a bit about your experience with nonprofit, funded grant accounting and reporting.

What was the most complex financial transactions, including merger and acquisition you’ve had to handle?

Give me an example of a good decision you made recently as a Chief Financial Officer.

How many hours of overtime have you worked in the past two months (or other recent period)? Tell me about some of the situations that led to the overtime as a Chief Financial Officer.

Describe some formal and informal sources of information you use to stay on top of what’s happening in the organization.

What do you strive to achieve such as CFO?