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Cost Accountant Job Interview Questions

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Today’s post is focuses on the Cost Accountant job interview questions.  Review these questions and prepare your response before your interview.  For tips on how to answer, and more about these sample job interview questions. please check out the sample interview page.

There are tons of job interview tips on this site for accountants, just browse the menu or use the handy search bar.

Until next time, we wish you good luck and much success on your Cost Accountant job interview.

Cost Accountant Job Interview Questions

Tell me about a mistake you have made at work.  For example when preparing new-product cost estimates, preparing post audit analysis of capital projects and so on.  What did you learn from this?

To achieve accurate product costs through analysis, review, and reporting, our Cost Accountant must be a good problem solver.  Tell me about the most complex problem you have had to solve in your career.

Do you hold a bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance?

Tell me about your cost accounting experience within this industry.  (insert industry of employer i.e. manufacturing environment, high tech environment, etc.)

List the ERP systems(such as JD Edwards, SAP, or Oracle) you have experience with and rate your proficiency with each.  When did you use these systems last?

This Cost Accounting role is highly visible and will be required to work on special projects with other departments, subsidiaries, etc.  As such conflict resolution skills are vital to success.  Tell me about a situation where you had to resolve a conflict at work?

The attention to detail is very important when confirming plant costs, auditing cost accounting systems, updating standard costs, etc.  How do you keep track of all the details to ensure no details are forgotten in your work?