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Financial Analyst Sample Job Interview Questions

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FA’s must analyze the financial position of individuals and companies and give advice. They look at costs and revenue streams and interprets them and provides recommendations. The goal is to improve efficiency in the allocation and use of resources and accounting procedures. FA’s must be highly analytical and strong communicators to be successful. Because they are privy to financial data they must be able to exercise discretion.

Attention Financial Analyst,  top interview questions used by today’s top recruiters and employers when hiring for Financial Analyst. Use these questions to help you prepare for your job interview.


Why do you want to work for this financial institution?

In this position, you will have to cooperate investment bankers to secure new clients.  Tell me about a time you have to get new clients?

Describe your experience in developing plans for investment.

How do you persuade your clients or colleagues when recommending investments?

What do you think are the most important criteria when reading a forecast for business, industry and economic conditions?

You will need to make presentations on economic trends and investment options.  What was the most difficult presentation you had to make the last year?

What is your background with regard to interpreting information on price yield stability, future trends, and risks?

We are looking for someone with a special skill developing operating plans with various groups and key performance indicators.  How are you in this area?

Have you ever written any procedures or policies for customers, clients, or others in your organization? Give an example.

What type of decisions have you made regarding charter school revenues and related deferrals?

Which types of product costs and operations metrics have you worked with?

How do ensure continuous improvements with cost containment strategies and efficiencies?

Tell me about your experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and database management.

What are some examples that show your expertise with the critical review and analysis of annual budgets?