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Internal Audit Manager Job Interview Questions

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Below are a few job interview questions for the Internal Audit Manager position developed by our human resources team. The questions come from our experience working with and within Finance departments.

Internal Audit Manager Job Interview Questions

In your experience, give us an example of a time when you were responsible for the development, implementation and management of advanced-level complex and high risk internal audit projects, and the evaluation and improvement of the effectiveness of risk management, control and government processes? How did you balance your day to day tasks with projects?

Tell us about your experience working in partnership with management to design and implement cost effective procedures to ensure that the controls are effective for reliable financial reporting, safeguard the company’s assets, provide for efficient processes and procedures and achieve regulatory compliance? Describe a project or scenario?

I’m sure you have been involved in ongoing special projects at the request of management such as external audit assistance, fraud investigations and due diligence. Describe a project you were involved in and what was your role? How did you ensure the project was successful?

What steps do you take to ensure company values and code business conduct is reflected in employee decision-making and action? What is the largest group you have managed?

What tools or processes do you use to verify that internal controls are efficient and effective to mitigate business risks to an acceptable level?

What do you do on a regular basis to ensure assets are adequately protected, and ensure significant financial and managerial and operative information is accurate, reliable and time?

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