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Office Administrator Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are questions asked in office administrator job interviews. Use these questions to help you get ready for your next job interview.


What experience do you hold preparing and distributing correspondence sure company?

As our  most senior office administrator, you will need to supervise the receptionist’s and other support staff. How will you ensure that they are doing a good job?

Have you had to manage payroll?  If so, please describe the amount of employees, whether it was salary or hourly workers, and so forth.

What courses, books and workshops have you taken in the last year to support your career development?

You will need to orientate new employees to the company.  What do you feel is most important in employee orientation?

Part of your responsibility will be to provide ports to management on expenditures.  What experience do you have reporting costs and budgets?

We do a lot of training and producer materials internally, the training sessions occur periodically and is a very busy time preparing the training manuals for our students. How much photocopying scanning binding have you done before?

Have you written any memorable letters to customers asking for an appointment or promoting a product? Tell me about one of these letters.

You will need to support the calendars for some of our managers who attend meetings conferences seminars and so on.  What type of calendar management have you done in the past?

Have you ever worked with in a corporate office environment?

We need this position to feel confident when interacting with high level executives and customers. Make your own verbal and written communication skills

This is a fast-paced office environment how do you think you will respond in this situation

How might your former employers describe your personal presentation style?

When did you ability to multitask get stretched?