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Office Manager Sample Job Interview Questions

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Office Managers make sure an office runs smoothly by looking after office operations, procedures and resources. This includes responsibilities such as payroll, paying invoices, receivables, managing admin staff, ordering and receiving supplies and so forth. Monitoring and keeping track of information and data.

Remember that most employers look for office managers who are energetic professional and communicate with respect. Because often they are in a position to greet customers and employees alike at the front office. So make sure that you present yourself  in this way in your interview.


We need you to take charge in this position and lead a small team within the administration. What you think you’re qualified to do this?

We have a very busy office with sales  and marketing professionals that you will have to support. So you will need to be very organized, what things would you do keep yourself organized?

Rate your experience with the following applications:  Word, CRM, Excel, constant contact and QuickBooks..

Describe your experience leading an admin team?  What was the most challenging thing you found about having a direct report?

In this position you will need to work with many staff from all levels of the organization. What is your experience working with junior staff all way to senior executives?

We need an office manager who will look after health and safety.  What experience you have with health and safety policies?  What would you do to make sure that these policies are followed?

We are looking for someone who can speak professionally and respectfully to our clients. How would your former employers describe the way you conduct yourself?

Have you written letters to answer complaints in our job as Office Manager? Tell me about a recent situation.

The prime responsibilities within this position will be invoicing, receiving payments tracking prepare reports. Have you done anything like this in your last positions?

Describe the types of inventory and supplies you had to order in the past.

Are there any procedures that you find helpful for keeping track of things that require your attention? Give some examples of how you’ve used them.

What improvements have you made to administrative systems, record management office expenditure recording and so forth?

What’s your experience with booking international and domestic travel and also hotels, and other logistics?

A very busy office with multiple phone lines and  this position will be required to screen calls and take messages. Have you had to act as the receptionist your former positions?

As the office manager he will be responsible for a lot of the office equipment. We are not looking for a technician to repair printers and computers. But it is very much of an asset if you know how to do general maintenance such as changing the ink in printers and so forth.what kinds of office equipment that you have worked with and the type of maintenance activities you have performed.

When was the last time you had to scan and print and bind multiple types of documents?

What kind of trouble shooting for computers and office equipment have you done?