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Accounts Payable Job Interview Questions

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So you finally got called for an interview that awesome Accounts Payable job.  Now what?  Well for starters, you should check out my interview tips.  But most importantly, review the sample job interview questions used for positions in Accounts Payable.  By knowing what you will be asked in your AP interview, you will be better prepared to handle anything coming your way.

Before walking into your interview remember that Accounts Payable professional manages purchase orders and coding invoices and disbursements. So make sure that you show the employer that you are organized, neat and tidy with your work. This means that your resume should appear organized, neat and tidy. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are bad for any resume, but it is an interview killer for AP jobs.

Here are two traits that most employers look for in their AP staff: a high level of integrity and trustworthiness
I can’t think of one position where honesty is more important. Sure there are checks and balances to ensure the integrity of work in AP. Having said that, employers want to hire trustworthy personnel in their AP departments. The best way to demonstrate this is to have an example of when you dealt with a issue of trust or integrity. Explain to the hiring manager that you stuck to your morals, policies and so forth and you will be showing them that you are someone who can be trusted.

Lastly, remember that even though AP is mainly about numbers, it is still a service so maintaining a high level of quality customer service (internal and external) while managing all payable accounts is what separates the pros from the amateurs. Because of this, things like commendations or letters of praise and recognition for your past service will be hugely advantageous. Even if these documents are for jobs that are not in accounts payable, they still demonstrate your excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. Employers want to hire AP professionals who can represent them well and provide excellent service.