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Accounts Payable Coordinator Sample Job Interview Question

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Accounts Payable Coordinator Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Accounts Payable Coordinator job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Payable career. The top skills and traits employers look for in this AP job are as follows: effective communication with internal and external customers to handle the payment of the payables. Further, because this position must deal with some many internal and external contacts often on new problems, be ready with examples to show that you are a team player with a high initiative and a desire to learn.

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In your view, what is the most important aspect of researching and resolving discrepancies over the phone with vendors?

What is your experience with using computer systems to release batches in the system for payment?

You will need to audit invoices/payment requests for correct approval, accurate coding and assign GL coding as needed. Tell me a bit more about your background with accurate entry and coding of invoices.

How do you ensure success when working as an accounts payable clerk for a fast paced department?

Tell me about some of the toughest encounters you have had as a Accounts Payable Coordinator. What did you do?

Part of the job involves communication through telephone and/or emails with internal customers. Which method of communication do you prefer and why?

Describe any new AP procedures or ideas you developed within the past year. How did you know they were needed?

Describe your experience with preparation of bank reconciliations.

Sometimes there are some difficult interactions in AP, but you must maintain a professional demeanor at all times. When have you handled a tough situation that pushed your patience?

What do you know about accounting software including Microsoft Excel?

How do you remain “fresh” as a Accounts Payable Coordinator for a meeting after long days at work? Give an example.

This position audits reports to verify the accuracy of data entry and corrects errors. When have you noticed an error that everyone else overlooked?

How do you monitor regulations that affect your industry as a Accounts Payable Coordinator(legislative, environmental)? Give an example

We are looking to make some improvements to the AP department and the candidate will work closely with ownership to advance the department and implement measures to ensure all deficiencies are eliminated. How have you increased efficiency and quality in the past?

Have you ever trained an employee on a task in Accounts Payable? What was the task and what did you learn through the process.

The person we are looking for will implement common sense plans to address the day to day challenges of a growing multi-location operation. When have you implemented a common sense solution for a complex problem?

This department has aggressive standards that require AP staff to enter payment requests in the system within a 48 hour turnaround time frame? Give an example of when you had high standards to meet.