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Accounts Payable Customer Service Sample Job Interview Questions

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Below you’ll see a bunch of questions designed specifically for an Accounts Payable job interview.  These questions are very specific and are designed to assess specific skills within AP.  But it’s also important to understand the kinds of skills and characteristics employers are looking for to ensure a good fit with the company.  Generally companies are looking for people who can multi-task and communicate really well.  The reason being is because in Accounts Payable your often working on some role deadlines and tasks that are demanding all at once.  And also because you’ll be speaking to so many different vendors and people across the organization terms of committing a payment invoice that to communication skills are very important.  So be prepared to speak to your communication skills and the ability to multi-task.

Also the one I be prepared to speak to some skills that will make you different than the rest of the applicants in accounts payable.  A couple of great things to mention he is any experience with collections for software like QuickBooks or backpack or Great Plains.

Here are sample Accounts Payable Customer Service job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Payable career.

In your view, what is the most important aspect of monitoring existing AP accounts for accuracy?

Tell me a bit more about your background with processing of customer payments and preparing daily cash receipts.

How do you ensure success when resolving or routing existing customer inquiries to other Managers?

How often do you have meetings with others as a Accounts Payable Customer Service?

Have you ever written press releases or other statements for the public in our job as Accounts Payable Customer Service? Tell me about one of these statements.

Can you give me an example of a decision you made as a Accounts Payable Customer Service that affected company policy. What factors did you consider in your decision?

Describe your experience with handle incoming vendor invoices and inquiries, and following-up with vendor inquiries.

What do you know about payroll processing?

This position will work closely with the Senior AP staff in assisting in preparing the weekly cash request log. How have you worked with cash request logs?

The work requires you to be able to exert constant eye and hand coordination; working with arms bent and extended; requires sitting for extended period of time with frequent stretching, reaching, walking and stooping. Will you be able to meet these requirements?

While we want all the invoices approved and entered prior to the cutoff date established each month. What lessons or tricks have you learned over the years to ensure this happens?

A large part of the job involves responding to vendor inquiries regarding account balances, payment status, etc. What is the most important things to keep in mind with this task?