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Accounts Payable (Entry-Level) Sample Job Interview Questions

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Here are sample Accounts Payable (Entry-Level) job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Payable career.o before you walk into your Accounts Payable interviewed remember some of the key traits and employers are looking for.

Generally speaking you need to be prepared to speak to your computer skills namely accounting software and Excel spreadsheets. The other trait that you should really highlight is the ability to focus and notice details so that when you’re reconciling invoices and so forth you be sure that you’ll be able to catch errors. So make sure you can speak to how you’re able to maintain your attention on detailed repetitive tasks.  Any tips and tricks you’ve picked up along the way such as taking  small breaks every couple hours, self-care ssuch as taking breaks really help  keep you fresh. Also if you have built any experience running error reports to balance the so forth positive things to mention. The best however is to have an example of when found mistakes and how you build systems to prevent future issues.
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When have you had to change your priorities with very short notice?

What kinds of vendor related problems have you had to resolving your last position?

What do you know about entering deposits and processing checks?

We really want to go paperless in our office. Have you ever had any experience with scanning imaging invoices  at large scale? What important things to learn about doing this at large-scale

Describe to me what full cycle accounts payable processing is.

What is your background with proper coding and entry of bills?

This job involves researching information required for processing vendors and checking requests which can be tiresome.

Tell me a bit more about your background with working in a team and with vendors.

How do you determine priority for payment requests?

What you know about QuickBooks?

What is your experience with notifying staff of payment discrepancies and then verifying corrections.

Have you ever worked with Great Plains accounting software? How about Microsoft Excel? Rate your  level of proficiency with spreadsheets?

Suppose you saw a coworker not following the policy of proper verification of signature.  How would you handle this?

Describe a personnel-related problem related to auditing receipts for proper approval, G/L Coding and Company Policy that you needed to solve. How did you solve it? Why did you choose that approach?

Define the following terms: balance sheet accounts vs. P&L accounts, fixed asset, prepay transaction, accrual transaction.

We are looking for a person who can utilize their experience to identify front office deficiencies and implement strong plans. What improvements have you made in your previous jobs?