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Accounts Payable Specialist Sample Job Interview Questions

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Before you go for your job interview make sure that you’re ready to answer any questions that are typically asked in Accounts Payable interviews.  Be ready to convince the hiring manager that you have a background as a professional in the AP department.  You’ll be asked to show your knowledge on topics related to inventory for invoices, and treating AP invoices into systems and while we’re speaking about systems you should be ready to describe all the various systems you’ve used that’s related to accounting.  Come up with some examples that show your expertise reconciling AP ledgers to the general ledger, or even special knowledge such as knowing what to do with foreign Accounts Payable’s.  Don’t be surprised if the asking very pointed questions such as what is a form 199?

In addition to these Accounts Payable specific knowledge the kind of personality traits that employers look for our individuals that are willing to learn and grow and of course work under pressure because of the deadlines of AP work.

Here are sample Accounts Payable Specialist job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Payable career.


Describe your experience with Great Plains and other accounting software.

What do you know about processing invoices for payment and recording into general ledger?

How often do you have meetings with others as a Accounts Payable Specialist?


Describe a time when you weighed the pros and cons of a situation and decided not to take action, even though you were under pressure to do so.

In your view, what is the most important aspect of performing year-end 199 preparation?

Tell me a bit more about your background with researching and reconciling vendor statements.

In your job as a Accounts Payable Specialist, how many hours do you spend on the road? How do you remain “fresh” as a Accounts Payable Specialist for a meeting after long days at work? Give an example.

We need somebody with a keen eye for detail.  When has your attention to detail and challenge when processing payment disbursements?

How do you ensure success when assisting an accountant with Month-end closing?

Please describe in detail what full cycle Accounts Payable is.

Describe your knowledge on common accounting procedures.