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AR Collections Job Interview Questions Template

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Employers look for accounts receivable professionals who have excellent organizational skills this is because you need to keep track of many different task in the day.  It really convince a prospective employer that you are organized first of all is to be prepared to explain your system in which you organize your work.  This could be as simple as letting them know that you use Microsoft Outlook or some kind of by smartphone to the calendar together or even if you use it.  Account make sure that you you explain to the new system.  It could also be as simple as a personal system of checking rechecking your or I having a system of checks and balances in the trip in the way of reports to catch errors.

In addition to this you need to be detail oriented because you must be able to code and classify in and make entries on all the different accounts receivables without making an error.  So the ability to focus while doing repetitive tasks is a very important to the ability.  But if you really wanting separate yourself from the rest of the other job applicants any to mention things are uncommon but very much valued by employers.  The best experience or skill that you need to have that is not necessarily in Accounts Receivable but is related, is collections.  Job applicants with experience in a collections agency or doing some form of collections always has the advantage when applying for Accounts Receivable job.  So be any kind of background like this you should mention in job interview.

Here are sample Accounts Receivable Clerk (Soft Collections) job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Receivable career field.

The Soft Collections/Accounts Receivable Clerk will be responsible for researching, solving and providing follow up with customers regarding past due accounts. What is the most complex account you have researched?

Describe your experience with reviewing customer accounts, monitoring account balances beyond terms.

In this position as Accounts Receivable clerk will need you to be professional and respectful to our clients but at the same time we need you to be firm.  When have you have to be firm with the customer on the phone in dealing with receivable?

Give me an example when your detail oriented ability helped you succeed in your role.

When have you had to complete multiple different duties within the AR department?

Tell me more about your background in the processing of A/R adjustments, and the daily processing of cash application and cash receipts.

In your view what is the most important aspect in the coordination of activity with other departments regarding disputes on outstanding invoices?

What is the most difficult part of working with customers regarding collection of delinquent accounts?