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How To Ace Your Accounts Receivable CoordinatorJob Interview

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Accounts Receivable staff focus a lot of their time on reconciling what the invoice and what the received so employers look for people who are keen on detail and very proactive.  If you working for smaller employer chances are they don’t have a very complicated and sophisticated accounting system and maybe a lot of the work is done on spreadsheets and so forth.  So if you have great Excel skills let them know what kind of skills you have to just say I have intermediate or an advanced user of Excel.  Any to let them know the kinds of things you can do with an Excel such as all I can use pivot tables or v-lookups to do this or that.

One the most important things you should be prepared to prove to any employer when you apply for an Accounts Receivable job is that you can produce in a high-volume environment with a little mistake.  One of the key skills to allow you to do this is the ability to type quickly.  So when you wanting to job interview sure that you’re ready to speak to your typing speed.  And of course it would be a huge asset if this typing speed has been tested and you put document to show and prove your typing speed.  Related to this is the ability to not only to quickly Petula while you’re talking to somebody on the phone.  So in the environment that’s so very busy when you have to speak to many different clients on the phone it would be highly advantageous if you could type while you talk this is a very different skill than just typing.  If you have call center experience make sure you mentioned this to an employer and tell them that in this job you have to talk and type.

Accuracy is not a luxury in accounts receivables it is a must.  So you need to be able to show an important that you are very accurate with your work.  How can you do this?  Well first of all make sure that you do not have any errors or mistakes in your resume.  This post is focused on the job interview however I feel it’s important to tell you this because if you have mistakes you would’ve not even been called for a job interview.  I know firsthand from many employers who when hiring for the Accounts Receivable position for resumes in the garbage which have spelling mistakes.  So users don’t check.

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Here are sample Accounts Receivable Coordinator job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Receivable career field.

what have you done recently to develop professionally as a Accounts Receivable Coordinator?

Describe your experience with handling un-billed audit monthly reports by division & resolve billing delays.

Tell me the most complex analysis and resolution of an invoicing issue you have dealt with. Perhaps, impacting cross functional teams.

When have you been satisfied/dissatisfied with the amount of direction you received from others as a Accounts Receivable Coordinator? Why? What type of direction did you receive?

In your view what is the most important aspect in monitoring client billable expense reporting & processing them.

What is your greatest challenge when it comes to working closely with Managers to ensure timely month end close?

Think of a meeting you recently led. How did the meeting start? What did you say or do?

Have you ever written press releases or other statements for the public in our job as Accounts Receivable Coordinator? Tell me about one of these statements.

Can you think of a time as a Accounts Receivable Coordinator when your standard approach to problem solving didn’t produce the desired solution? What did you do?

Describe a time when you had to ask questions and listen carefully to clarity the exact nature of a client’s problem.

How do you involve subordinates or customers in identifying performance goals and expectations as a Accounts Receivable Coordinator? Give an example.

What did you consider when setting up your class schedule?