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Accounts Receivable Specialist Sample Job Interview Questions

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In today’s job market Accounts Receivable positions are becoming increasingly competitive. Today’s employers look for job applicants with a degree and while they would be interested in anyone with a degree they are most interested in candidates who have a degree in accounting. So what if you do not have an accounting degree? Make sure that you’re ready to speak to any courses that you’ve taken on accounting and even if this was something that you don’t have high school or intro accounting course make sure you mentioned that.

Is important also to be prepared to speak to your communication skills. Employers look for Accounts Receivable staff who can communicate well, both verbal communications strong written communication skills are essential for the role. If you think about it this makes a lot of sense because most of the work is done over the phone and also you need to document what you’ve done. Employers need staff who can communicate with the management team and give a summary of the creditworthiness of customers, the kind of collection calls he made or if they’ve done some kind of research and analysis on a customer account. Aside from the soft skills be ready to speak to some nitty-gritty Accounts Receivable concepts such as what general ledger? Or they may ask you to reconcile Accounts Receivable to the general ledger as an exercise. You may be asked, what is an aging report?

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Here are sample Accounts Receivable Specialist job interview questions designed specifically for the Accounts Receivable career field.

How is Accounts Receivable similar to collections? How are they different?

Suppose you were talking to someone who had no idea what Accounts Receivable is. How would you define a full Accounts Receivable cycle?

Describe your experience with AR dealing with multiple locations.

Tell me more about your background in using an ERP or MRP system.

In your view what is the most important aspect in handling a high AR volume processing

What is to secret on researching and problem-solving discrepancies with invoices and customer accounts?

Have you included your employees in problem-solving meetings as a Accounts Receivable Specialist? What is your approach? Tell me about a specific meeting when you did this.

Have you written any project reports? Tell me about the best report you wrote in our job as Accounts Receivable Specialist. Why did you think it was the best?

How have you changed the job as a Accounts Receivable Specialist since coming to your present employer? Why and how did you make these changes?

Describe a situation in which you involved/enlisted others to help solve a customer’s problem. What was the problem, and how did others’ involvement help?

How comfortable are you with completing past-due account collections? What was your success rate in previous positions for past-due collections?

Our office worked with many different claims who may not always speak English as a first language. What kind of languages to use speak?

You will be required to investigate and resolve customer inquiries, what is the most complicated issue you’ve had to investigate? How did it turn out? Were you able to resolve the issue?

What types of reconciliation that you done in Accounts Receivable?