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Administrative assistants work in offices often reporting to a manager of the specific area directly or the general office manager. Sometimes this position plays the role of an office manager. No matter what the admin assistant is called, to be successful in this particular position you need to show the hiring manager that you possess a few key skills that they are looking for. Smart employers know that great admin assistants are highly organized. Not only do you have to be able to organize your work, but you were often expected to organize the work of others. You will be expected to manage calendars for busy managers, and not only will you be telling them what their appointments are for the day, often you will be reminding them what documents to bring for specific notes for each appointment. The unofficial duty that admin assistants perform is to remind the manager of things so he or she will not forget. So if you really want to impress an employer in your interview you must speak to your great memory or your established system that you use to help you remember things. If you do this well and you can convince them that you can keep your eye on all the details, then you will be hired on the spot.

Bring a sample of your writing to show that you can write professionally. When I say demonstrated ability to write professionally, I don’t mean that you need to show them that you’re Hemingway or Shakespeare. What I want you to show or prove his your ability to create professional business communication. There’s no better way to do this than to bring them a sample of some of the things you’ve written in your previous job. So it may be a simple as showing them some e-mails you sent to a client or a memo that you circulated in the office.pending a prospective employer sample of the business writing in your job interview is really like giving them proof and an opportunity to see how you were what your work is like first-hand.I have interviewed many job applicants for an admin assistant role and rarely do they come in with writing samples work samples etc. I can tell you that in any perspective job applicants unless they would’ve impressed the heck out of me and the other panel interviewers.

Now I just told you to bring a writing sample, but you have to be careful here. Make sure that the writing sample you bring in this not contain sensitive information from your past employer. Recently we just interviewed professional for senior management position for communications, and this person brought writing samples from their previous position containing sensitive information. This work against this applicant because those on the hiring committee question this applicants’ judgment and discretion. It was unfortunate because this job applicants had great samples of the kind of communications that he has written but unfortunately it caused us to worry about his judgment. So writing samples are excellent arrange your job interview, they will help the interviewers remember you,it will show a prospective employer will work. But make sure the samples do not contain sensitive information, this means the writing sample should not contain personal information about other employees, sensitive employer information such as financials, or plans, or strategy unless this information is already public.

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