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Executive Assistant, Adminstrative Assistant, Administrative Support Job Interview Questions

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Administrative Support positions work typically in offices with their prime role to support managerial positions.  Below are some Administrative Assistant job interview questions for an admin support position.

Before you read the questions below make sure that you understand how to impress your potential boss.  When you walk into the interview make sure that you present yourself as a well spoken, amicable and friendly person.  Don’t interpret friendliness as being loud and talkative, aim for professional and warm.  this is the calling of person that most employers are looking for when it comes to a support position.

Also be prepared to show the employer that you are flexible and can accommodate overtime when needed.  As an executive assistant you will be working with some pretty busy management folks and when they have a deadline that means you likely will have a deadline too.  Employers really cherish EAs who can accommodate and stay late when needed. If you can show that you are this type of person and answer the questions below you will be successful.

It is important for our Administrative Support fit well into our team. As an Executive Assistant, you will work very closely with the senior manager.  What do you value in a manager?

Administrative Support or Executive Support often balance multiple demands.  When planning how to spend your time, how do you decide what becomes a priority?  What do you do when your schedule is upset by unforeseen circumstances?  Give me a recent example.

What is your typing speed?

As our Executive Assistant, you will be in contact with international clients and offices.  How many languages do you speak other than English?  Please indicate your fluency in each language.

Computer skills are required to be a successful Administrative Support.  Describe your level of skill with personal computers.

Attention to detail  is an important trait in Administrative Assistant or  Administrative Support positions.  Tell me about a time when you had to sacrifice quality to complete work on time due to pressure.  What would you not compromise quality on?

As Administrative Support, you will have alot of contact with our clients and colleagues.  As such, customer service skills are important as you will be the “face” of our office. We have all had to deal with difficult customers and clients at one point or another.  Give me an example of when you had to deal with a difficult customer.  How did you handle it?

As our Executive Assistant, you will be supporting our upper management personnel who often work overtime.  Will you be able to meet this demand?

Describe your level of skill with office programs like Microsoft Office such as excel, word, powerpoint, access, and outlook.  Describe your skill level with macros, pivot tables, and spreadsheets, custom animations, etc.  Are there any additional software programs you have experience with that would be helpful in this position?

As an Executive Assistant, you will often need to exercise diplomacy and tact.  Tell me about a time when you had to deal with situation that require this type of discretion and tact.

A successful Executive Assistant seeks to improve processes within the office.  What improvements have you attempted to implement in your office work?  How did you get them implemented?  What are the results?

The Executive Assistant will support our senior executives who travel from time to time.  The travel in this position is about 3%, will you be able to meet this requirement?

Executive Assistants require well developed interpersonal skills. Tell me about some of the most challenging people or individuals that you had to work with.  What made them or the situation so difficult?  How did you handle this?

What makes you a good administrative or executive assistant?

What do you think the 5 most important qualities are in order to be successful as an executive assistant?  Which one are you most weak in?