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Airline Travel Job Interview Questions

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Below you will see links to sample job interview questions for travel agents and other professionals within the travel industry. These questions are designed to assess skills and knowledge needed in travel positions such as travel agents, travel consultants and so forth. We recommend that you review these interview questions as examples the kind of questions that you’ll be asked and jot down to three points in terms of how to answer them as a way to prepare for your interview. But before we go further it think it’s important that you know what employers are looking for in the travel industry.

How was your knowledge of geography? Those in the travel industry are expected to have a good knowledge of world geography. This means that you should know at the very least the capital of each major country. An experienced travel agent will know what the capital of Brazil is? Or for example what is the capital of Japan? aside from your knowledge of geography you should also know where the major airports are for the cities in North America and depending on where the company does business you should probably also know at the very least where the airports are for the major capital cities. Similarly you should be very familiar with time zones of major business destinations and tourist destinations, so that you do not look like a total rookie, you should at least know how many hours ahead London is, how many hours ahead Beijing and Tokyo and so forth.

When you walk into the job interview for that travel agent position make sure that you are prepared to speak to the customer service track record. Number one skill travel agencies look for this customer service. This is because travel consultants or travel agents worked with not only consumers but other businesses and utilize their customer service skills to make reservations for airlines hotels and even car rentals. So employers look for travel agents who are friendly and professional not only to their customers, but also with the major airline companies and hotel chains. Travel agencies hire people who can negotiate fares and ticketing changes, because sometimes an issue arises where you will be asked to represent your customer to resolve the conflict. Or perhaps you’re dealing with the hotel and resolving issues between the hotel and your client. So prepare yourself for your job interview by having a couple of examples of merge successfully negotiated for resolved conflict as a travel agent, because it will definitely come in handy.

The sample Airline and Travel Job Interview Questions below have been compiled specifically for job interviews in the airline and travel industry. Prepare yourself by reviewing these questions and preparing your answer and you will be sure to ace your interview.

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