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Bicycle Assembler Sample Job Interview Questions

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When it comes to job interviews for bicycle mechanics for bicycle assemblers make sure you are prepared to speak to the range a bicycles you’ve worked on succinctly.  No doubt you’ll be questioned on your experience with performing maintenance on bicycles.  It’s important that when you speak to this that you also working to your answer the kind of tools that you used in performing work.  Including the kind of tools and machines that you’ve used will give the engineer a better sense of your skill level and your comfort and familiarity with this industry.

Another question that I can almost guarantee that you’ll be asked is about your experience with repairs and bike fittings.  Before your job interview it would be a good exercise for me to jot down an example of a rewarding or a challenging bike fitting that you’ve done for customer.  Think back to some of the bike fittings you’ve done, maybe it was for a young child, perhaps it was for a specialty athlete, and so forth.  Bringing in the example would be excellent to bring to life your skills, knowledge and customer service skills.

I mentioned earlier about customer service skills in the paragraph above.  I can’t stress this enough even though you are bicycle mechanic, often times you will have to interface with the customer and as such you will need to have excellent customer service skills.  So as I mentioned above you would be very useful to have prepared for in your mind these have example ready to show how you went above and beyond your job to satisfy customer, to fix a problem or to make a sale.

Lastly I think it’s important to mention a few things that you may not have thought of that would help seal the deal on that great bicycle mechanic job.  And the kind of skills I’m talking about that you need to mention your job interview are not even really involved in being a good bike mechanic.  Believe it or not many prestigious bicycle stores look for bicycle mechanics that have experience with pointed sales machines, and some management.  They’re looking for a bicycle assembler for a bike mechanic who can look after the shock, open and close the store, cash out, handle all the transactions balance the books.  There is a lot more to bicycle mechanics job than just fixing bikes is really the point of this article.  That is you need to manage staff, open and close the store do all the things we talked about earlier.  So what I’m trying to say is don’t get fixated on just technical price-fixing skills that you think you need to speak to.  Make sure that you convince the chop interviewers that you’re more than a bicycle mechanic that by hiring you you’re getting more than just somebody who can fix like, instead by hiring you they will get somebody good mother shop and succeed.

Want that awesome job working at the local bike shop?  Here are sample Bicycle Assembler job interview questions designed specifically for the Assembling career field.

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Describe your experience with assembling a bicycle completely and properly. This includes safety test gears, brakes, rims for smooth operation. How long does it take you to complete this activity on average?

How do you avoid mistakes when repairing guest assemblies, based on visually detectable problems or from symptoms described by a manager or guest?

What do you know about the most important thing when following manufacturer assembly instructions, and adhering to all safety regulations for merchandise sold assembled?

What is your experience with performing routine maintenance on assembled items on the floor?

How do you ensure you keep the cycling merchandise in sellable condition? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with understanding basic guest and manager inquiries concerning bicycles and other products requiring assembly.

How do you ensure that each Bike or any assembled vehicle has its Instructions?

What are some of the most creative methods you have used to fix a bike problem?

What is your favourite kind of bike to work on?

How do you keep up with new knowledge in the bicycling industry?

Have you written instructions on assembly or maintenance

What do you do when you’re fixing a bike problem and you are stuck?

Performing safety tests and routine maintenance on assembled equipment is an important part of the job. Describe your background in this kind of work.