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Electric Assembler Sample Job Interview Questions

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In this article amend give you some awesome job interview tips for your electronic assembler job interview.  The first one I’m going to share with you is a tip that you will not see in other job interview sites.  Employers who hire electronic assemblers look for people who love working with her hands.  It’s a requirement of the job and you need to be good at it.  So when they open up the job interview by asking, “tell me about yourself”, you should of course mention your education and your work experience in and ended with a hobby.  And the hobby that you will mention will be something that you need to do with your hands.  For example, a great answer would be, “I have completed two courses on soldering, a certificate on electronics, I have three years of experience assembling electronics in various industries, and for fun I build model airplanes is on”.  And the reason why this kind of answers so great is because first of all the, “tell me about yourself” question is always asked at the beginning of the electronic  assembler interview.  This question and questions very similar to this question are designed to begin interview and get you warmed up to answer questions.  But for you it’s a great way to start the interview and paint a picture that you are the kind of person that likes to do tasks with her hands love to work with their hands and that like to focus on things to do detail quality work.  Simply stated it sets the interview off on the right tone and will set you up for success.

Anyway here are sample Electric Assembler job interview questions designed specifically for the Assembler career field.

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Describe your experience with reading and interpreting Electrical Schematics / Wiring diagrams.

How do you install hydraulic and pneumatic systems?

What is the most interesting work you have done related to wiring electrical and automation products, panels, cabinets and sub-assemblies?

What do you find most challenging when teaching new staff soldering techniques. Why?

What do you know about wiring of chassis, racks, or related electro-mechanical assemblies?

Do you hold the proper work authorization?

Sometimes you will need to work with junior staff with little experience with wrapping coils. Have you held previous roles where you had to mentor or teach others?

Tell me a bit more about your background with hand tools, torque tools, and hand crimp tool.

Will you be able to lift 5lbs?

What is the most complex engineering drawings, electrical schematics and blueprints you have interpreted?

Describe your  training in advanced soldering practices?

How important is checking final assembly for adherence to quality control standards? Why?

Describe all the different including hand soldering techniques you know and what situations you apply each in.

Part of this job is to assist with quarterly and annual physical inventory counts. Do you think you will be able to meet this part of the job?

What kind of soldering and de-soldering of electronic components, circuit boards, and cable assemblies including trouble shooting and repair have you done?

What is your background with implementing ISO 91 or ISO 13485:23 processes?

Tell me about your experience with tuning RF circuits using a network analyzer.