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Mechanical Assembler B Job Interview Questions

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When you walk into your job interview for that mechanical assembler position make sure that you are ready.  I can guarantee that you’ll be asked to describe the kind of materials that you work with.  So make sure that you are ready to speak to the kind of things that you’ve assembled in terms of materials such as have you been working with wood, plexiglass or glass, metals, plastics and so forth.  Etiquettes important at this very point when you talk about the kind of materials you worked with it’s important that you include what you’ve learned working with these materials.  By doing this you will show your experience and also show that you have a predisposition to continuous learning.

Can you produce?  Many manufacturing companies look for mechanical assemblers who can work quickly and accurately and even sometimes a production line environment.  I think it’s important for you to have with you stats that you can reference and show the interviewer to prove your track record of producing.  You should know your production stats for your previous jobs, and when I need production stats I don’t mean the teams I mean your production stats and what your teams’ production stats were.  When you try to do is to show that you can pull your weight.

Measure twice cut once.  In your mechanical assembler job interview I can guarantee that you will be asked about your quality of work and attention to detail.  You need to be able to convince the job interview or that you have the ability to pay attention to details, and that you are meticulous with the measurements.  It would be good to have an example ready of when you avoided in error by measuring twice or how you notice an error before anybody else did because you were able to hone in on the details.

Here are sample Mechanical Assembler job interview questions designed specifically for the Assembler career field.

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In this job you will have to be an expert in bonding, assembly, cutting, cleaning, packaging, and inspection. Describe your experience in these areas.

How do you avoid mistakes when performing duties of a “C” Assembler?

You will need to successfully complete a Drug Screen and Criminal Background Check. Will you be able to meet this requirement?

What is your background with reading and understanding block diagrams. Why?

Describe some of the work procedures and schematics you have had to follow.

What are bills of materials, work instructions, and process aid sheets?

When have you had to work with team leads, engineers, supervisors, and managers.

Have you had to participate in quality control inspections?

How familiar are you with Environmental Health and Safety regulations and policies?

What do you know about maintaining power equipment such as drill press, milling machine, band saw, punches, welders, etc.?

What kind of allergies do you have to chemicals used in production, such as cutting oils, paints, etc?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of generating mechanical drawings? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with using vernier and micrometer measuring equipment.

In this job you will be required to teach junior staff how to do bolt up of valves, flanges, and pipes. Have you done this before? Describe.

When have you had to hold tolerances and work with precision on small or large parts?

Have you ever been responsible for troubleshooting and repairing on-site electro-mechanical equipment and sub-assemblies? Give details.

What types of warranty policies, general repair procedures and technical bulletin updates are you familiar with?

How comfortable are you with mathematics required for design of parts. (Geometry, Trigonometry etc.)?

We are looking for an experienced assembler to help us in developing documentation on the policies, procedures and technical information. How comfortable are you with this?

What is the key to consistency when following detailed work instructions, documenting activities accurately, and following sequence of operations?

What jobs have required you to performing of experiments in a lab setting and document results?