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Automotive Service Advisor Sample Job Interview Questions

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The Automotive Service Advisor is the face of the garage or service center for most customers. As such the prime role is to interface between the customer and mechanics to provide service and fix car problems. Service Advisors are responsible for creating repair orders, ensure that solutions fit customer’s needs and answering phones and ordering parts. So you can see why employers look for strong communication skills. Not only must you show the interviewer that you can speak effectively with customers but also mechanics, suppliers and so forth.

If you want impress your potential employer that you are the automotive advisor to hire you need to be prepared to speak to how you create long-term relationships with customers.  Guaranteed that you’ll be asked this question in your job interview. So you need to remember that all garages and service centers look for people who can build long-term customers and repeat business for them.  A great answer to this interview question that you will no doubt be asked, is that you do it by explaining all their options in simple language present a choice of different price points.  Smart employers know that long-term customers to automotive service garages are created from good service which includes the ability to explain benefits and features in simple language that they can understand.

Also be ready to be put on the spot in your interview.  I have known many service scratch that automotive managers who ask point blank, “if I hire you for this position, how will you help me try my sales and profitability for this automotive service garage”.  So before you walk into your job interview, make sure you have a bit of the game plan sketched out for this particular location to speak to how you would try sales and profitability for the particular store.

Here are sample Automotive Service Advisor job interview questions designed specifically for the Automotive career. Be sure to check out more Automotive interview questions.

How would you go about building lasting relationships with our customers and the community?

Describe your experience with providing customer service in the auto industry .

What do you know about Japanese cars such as Honda, Toyota, etc ?

Tell me about a meeting in which you supported someone else’s ideas. What did the person say, and how did you support him/her?

That marketing materials or advertisements have you written? Tell me about some of them.

What new products or services have you recommended your organization to market? Why? What reaction did you get?

In your view, what is the most important aspect when achieving/over-achieving automotive service goals? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with gathering a customer’s requirements, explaining features, and demonstrating vehicle operation.

What do you find most challenging when matching requirements and interests to various models. Why?

How would you rate your automotive staff’s performance? How would you improve it?

What is the key to success when you resolve a customer car problem? What training have you received as a Automotive Service Advisor ?

How would you go about changing the way people think about the automotive industry and the auto repair experience.