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Bank Executive Receptionist Example Job Interview Questions

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How To Get Hired As A Receptionist At A Bank

So what kind of person you think employers want to hire for receptionist?  Aside from previous experience, who employers look for someone who is reliable strong work ethics.  I don’t want them to say next isn’t fair but unfortunately truth, but when it comes to showing up to work on time Managers can be flexible with work schedule, a receptionist must be on time for work to take calls when the office opens.  Because the receptionist must be there on time during office hours, an employer must know that they can count on you.  So one of the things that you can do to demonstrate the reliability to bring information on your sick days, attendance and so on.  By proving you have a strong attendance track record you will go along way to showing the employer that you are the best person for the job.

What Kind of Receptionist Will Impress The Bank?

The next most important trait that you must exude in your job interview is to show the actual or respectful and sensitive communicator.  As a receptionist who will be five wanting to taking calls from important customers and employees alike.  You will be speaking with people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds, and perhaps the people who do not speak English as their first language.  So prepare examples of when you dealt with all kinds of people effectively.

Here are example Bank Executive Receptionist job interview questions designed specifically for the Banking career.  Be sure to check out more Banking interview questions.

Of all the places to work, why this position as a Bank Executive Receptionist? why here?

Describe your experience with answering/transferring calls from a multi-phone line system in a busy bank.

How do you avoid mistakes when completing data entry projects such as processing payments and updating reports for various banking clients?

What do you know about coordinating catering for events and business meetings?

What do most new staff forget to do when assembling meeting packets, ordering supplies?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of reception in a large retail bank? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with overhead paging and multi- tasking in a busy.

In this position you will be working independently as managers are often out of the office.  How comfortable are you to work on a task without much and instruction?

Suppose a client came to visit the office and refused when you instructed this person to sign in and out of the logbook as part of security procedures.  How would you handle this?

What is your comfort level with setting up conference rooms, including food, drink, and basic office equipment like the projector, audiovisual?

How has your knowledge of your organization’s culture helped you make a decision? Give an example.

The very busy office that ships a lot of items over the world.  This position will be the one coordinating on the shipments with shipping companies like FedEx, UPS and so on.  What is your background shipping services and coordinating this question

Tell me when you have to show a lot of time and diplomacy in dealing with executives?

What experience you have with repairing and maintaining office equipment customer

What’s your background with monitoring office supplies and ordering inventory?

Have you ever taken any courses related to Microsoft Office, office administration?