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Bank Teller, Credit Union Teller, Bank CSR Job Interview Questions

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What Do Employers Look For In Bank Tellers?

A Bank Teller or Credit Union Teller handles financial banking transactions for business and non-business customers. the kind of things the intelligence you on a day-to-day basis includes processing checks into a banker sees the processing a money order and so forth.  Be ready to show and prove that you will be capable of handling cash processing payments accepting them from people from all walks of life.  Thanks to open to the public so you be working with a diverse population, so make sure that you can show that you have worked with people from all different backgrounds.  Now this is where having a second languages an asset so if you do speak a second language than make sure that you mentioned this in your interview.  Even if you are not completely fluent in that language the ability to greet somebody or even counting money in the customers native language will go a long way to build customer relationships.  Smart employers know that Bank Teller work plays an important role in delivering quality customer service.

If you are a Bank Teller or Credit Union Teller and have a job interview coming up, then see the questions below.

Why do you want to be a bank teller for this bank in particular?

As a bank teller, you will need to have strong cash handling skills. Tell me more about your cash handling experience.

Attention to detail is a core trait in order to be a good bank teller. Describe a time when you noticed a problem before your coworkers and/or boss. What did you do about it?

In our Credit Union, our tellers are called bank CSR because great customer service is a priority. Thinking back to your experience as a bank teller, can you tell me about situation when you dealt with an angry and upset customer? How did you handle this irate client?

Strong math skills are required to work in a bank. As a bank teller you will be required to apply basic math skills in your work. What grades did you get in high school math?

Computers are used in every bank today. As such you will need to be very comfortable with computers to complete banking transactions required as a Bank Teller. Tell me more about your knowledge and experience with computers.

Our Credit Union (or Bank) is a very high volume location. How are you with a fast-paced work environment? Give me an example of when you worked in a fast-paced environment. What as that like for you? Did you meet your work objectives?

We serve a diverse community where many of our bank clients do not have English as their first language. As such, listening and communication skills are vital to being a successful Bank Teller. Think back to a situation where you had difficulty communicating a policy or procedure to a bank customer who did speak English well. What did you do to help him/her understand what you were saying?

Credit Union Tellers (and Bank Tellers) who speak a second language are an asset since many of our credit union customers have English as a second language. What languages do you speak other than English?

Why did you select the banking industry as a career? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Bank Tellers are often called many different titles based on the employer. Here are some job titles that related to the role of Bank Teller.

Bank Teller Job Titles

bank teller
credit union teller
current account representative – financial services
customer service officer, bank
customer service representative – financial services
financial customer service representative
foreign exchange teller – financial services
head teller – financial services
proof teller – bank
sales and customer service agent
savings account teller – financial services
senior teller – financial services
teller – financial services
trust company teller
bank csr