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Credit Analyst, Loans Analyst Job Interview Questions

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A Credit Analyst is responsible for analyzing pertinent financial reports, researching industry information, updating policies and regulations, and identifying credit (e.g. strengths and weaknesses and potential risks). Below are a few job interview questions a job seeker may be asked during an interview for a Credit Analyst.

Credit Analyst can work within the finance department within a public or private company such as: a bank, broker or other financial institutes.

So now that you’ve had your interview lined up, how are you going to answer the questions?  What kind of questions will you be asked in your interview?  I think the number one question that surprises many credit analysts in job interviews is questions around dealing with collections.  Sometimes a credit analyst will need to handle collection situations and it’s important that you show that you’re comfortable and professional in such situations.  A great way to answer this type of interview question is to have an example ready of when you had to deal with a collection situation.  But doing this is not enough, what you should do so that you know how to answer these kinds of questions is to role-play a situation that involves collections.  You should role-play a situation where you are explaining the credit analysis to a customer that is in the collection situation.  Many of the major banks and credit unions are now incorporating role-plays in their job interviews.

Another great tip for you is to make sure that you are armed with stats that show your efficiency what it comes to invoicing and collection of delinquent accounts.  If you have the stats ready and they are verifiable by your previous employer then the your providing proof that you will be an excellent employee.

As a Credit Analyst you will be required to provide quality service to internal customers through undertaking risk assessment analysis of various types of lending proposals. Tell us about your experience working with various lending proposals? Did you create the process?

Provide us with an example of a time as a credit analyst where you analyzed financial information, such as statements, management accounts and cash flow statements? What were some of the complex challenges you faced analyzing financial information?

Have you ever used specialist statistical software in your role as a credit analyst? If so, tell us about models of credit information you have developed to predict patterns and trends using specialist statistical software?

The credit analyst will be required to liaise with other staff within the company, such as account managers and product specialists? Provide us with an example of a team project you have worked on with various other staff members? What were your responsibilities? How do you build strong rapport with other team members?

The credit analyst will be required to manage a portfolio of customer accounts across various industries through prioritization, credit analysis process and liaison with customers to achieve collection targets. What tools, processes and software have you used to manage portfolios? What is your experience working with multiple concurrent portfolios as a single time? How did you prioritize and manage to complete all tasks within a particular deadline?

What do you do to staying informed about the legal, compliance and market-risk-related issues involved in the approval of credit and other various requirements for a credit analyst?

Credit Analyst can be called by MANY job titles. Here are some job titles related to the Credit Analyst:

  • credit analyst
  • banking accounts manager
  • banking accounts officer
  • commercial banking accounts officer
  • consumer credit officer
  • consumer loans officer
  • credit investigation officer
  • credit investigator
  • credit officer
  • lending services officer
  • loans analyst
  • mortgage consultant
  • mortgage loans consultant
  • mortgage loans officer
  • mortgage officer