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Teller Supervisor, Head Teller, Bank Teller Manager Job Interview Questions

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As the senior teller on the bank floor, A Head Teller or Teller Supervisor oversees the work of junior tellers. A Teller Supervisor ensures that bank and credit union policies and procedures are followed. Head Tellers also act as a resource and guide for help when junior not clear how to complete a banking transaction.

If you are teller and are interviewing for a Head Teller position job, then you should read this post.  Below are job interview questions for the Head Teller position.

Teller Supervisor, Head Teller, Bank Teller Manager Job Interview Questions

As Teller Supervisor, you will have to mentor and coach junior tellers in your bank or credit union. Tell me about a situation when you had to coach a teller that was struggling on a task.

What made you select the banking industry?

A Teller Supervisor is the first step into management roles in the banking industry. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will it be within the banking industry? How do you think you will get there?

Head Teller must be able to not only understand bank regulatory and audit procedures they must ensure that bank procedures are followed. How will you make sure that bank policies are followed?

Suppose a Teller comes to you and tells you that a business customer is upset because he wants an exception to an important bank or credit union policy. Your teller tells you that this bank client is very irate and was abusive with her. He asked to see her manager. The bank manager and assistant manager is out for lunch. How would you handle this? Role play this assuming that I am the upset business customer.

List 3 of the most important traits necessary to be a successful Head Teller. Of these, which is your weakness?

What have you done since starting out as a Teller to prepare you to be a Head Teller?

Suppose one of your Tellers was consistently struggling to meet department standards and objectives. How would you handle this?