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Cafeteria Counter Person Sample Job Interview Questions

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Cafeteria Counter Person Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Cafeteria Counter Person job interview questions designed specifically for the Barista career field.

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Tell me about one of the toughest groups from which you had to serve. What made them so difficult? How did you handle it?

What previous experience do you have in the food industry?

This job will require you have a TB test clearance, will you be able to meet this requirement?

Since you will be working in a school setting, we require all our workers to pass a criminal background check.  Will you be comfortable with this?

What experience do you have working with the each of the following:  grill, cash, stocking, inventory, scheduling and catering?

Describe your experience making drinks for a restaurant such as cappucinos, lattes, etc.

Have you ever handed cash or a cash register?

Unfortunately, some solutions don’t always correct problems. Can you think of an interesting solution you generated as a Cafeteria Counter Person that did not correct the problem? What was the solution? How did you come up with the idea?

Describe your knowledge of sandwich making?

What action do you take to provide quick and thorough service for customer requests or problems? Can you tell me about a particular situation?

Sometimes people don’t respond well to a performance improvement discussion. Could you give an example of a discussion as a Cafeteria Counter Person that didn’t turn out as you had planned. What happened?

Jobs differ in the extent to which people work independently or as part of a team. Tell me about a time as a Cafeteria Counter Person when you were most satisfied working alone/on a team? Why? What did you do?

Do you have any system for organizing your work area? Tell me how that system helped or didn’t help you on the job as a Cafeteria Counter Person.