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Starbucks Store Manager, Coffee Shop Manager Job Interview Manager

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A Starbucks Manager oversees all the aspects of a starbucks location. Leading the location’s operations, hiring, customer service, product quality, financial performance and barista training and development is all part of a Starbucks Manager role.

Do you have a passion for coffee?  Are you an aspiring Starbucks manager? Have you applied with your resume and now waiting for your Starbucks Manager job interview? Well a stand out resume is not the only you need to secure your job as Starbucks store manager. You also need sharp job interview skills.

This post is provides starbucks manager sample job interview questions specifically for the starbucks store manager role.   The job interview questions will focus on assessing the required competencies of a successful Starbucks Manager.  Qualities that will be assessed in a starbucks manager job interview include the ability to lead barista staff, manage the inventory, deliver excellent customer service and so on.  Read the sample Starbucks Manager job interview questions carefully and think about how you would answer these questions before your interview. And remember a good job interview answer becomes a great job interview answer when it is supported by an example. So have a recent example ready to back up your answers and illustrate that you are the one to hire.

Until our next post, good luck in your starbucks manager job interview!

Starbucks Store Manager, Coffee Shop Manager Job Interview Manager

Tell me more about yourself. How would your direct reports describe you?

As Manager of a Starbucks store, you will need to be able to work and thrive under pressure. Tell me about a time when you worked in a fast-paced environment, meet production targets and maintain service and quality?

The saying goes that “the customer is always right”. What do you think about this statement? Are there limits to this? What are they?

As a starbucks store manager you will be required to handle customer service escalations. Suppose your barista comes to you and indicates that an angry customer is being abusive because an error was made on his order. How would you respond? How would you handle this? Role play this scenario, I will play the angry customer and barista and you can play the manager role.

As starbucks manager you will be expected to meet the performance objectives as set by starbucks head office ( for example, sales targets for coffee, americano, latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc. ). Describe a situation when you had to lead a team to achieve a departmental goal. What happened?

A good starbucks store manager understands knows how to lead people. Think back to your management or leadership roles, tell me about one of your weakest performers. What caused their performance issue? What was done if anything to address this performance issue? How did you manage this performance issue?

Suppose you see an employee giving their discounts inappropriately to a friend. How would you handle this? Role play this with you playing the manager while I will be the barista.

Describe 5 qualities needed to be a successful starbucks store manager. Which one in this list represents your greatest weakness?

A mark of a good starbucks store manager is his or her ability to persuade and influence a team to carry out a plan even if they don’t all agree with it.  Give me an example of when you had to implement an unpopular plan or initiative.

As a manager of a starbucks you will continuously strive for improvement. Have you made any cost-saving suggestions to your regional manager? Give examples. Were they accepted? What action was taken to get them accepted?