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What Kind Of Skills Do You Need As A Barista?

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Barista is typically work in cafés, coffee shops they can be small local artisan coffee shops or large chains like Starbucks.  The main duties performed by barista’s or Café counter attendants include preparing food and beverages.  This could mean pouring a simple cup of drip coffee or it could mean preparing a gourmet cappuccino with the design on the phone which is called latte art.  Work functions also include operating the cash register, handling money and treating every customer according to the standards of the company.  In some time, advancement includes supervising other baristas, which is usually called shift supervisor.  And if you are promoted to a supervisory position it usually includes creating work schedules, making sure that people come to work on time, performing opening and closing duties and probably ensuring that the cash is deposited into the bank.


Regardless of where they work employers usually look for certain kinds of skills when it comes to hiring baristas.  I will cover a few below:

Hardworking – the three businesses a demanding, you’re on your feet all day working behind the coffee counter.  Employers look for hard workers, this means that you should be working hard when it’s busy.  This also means when it’s low you should be looking for preparation work such as the filling shipping containers, cream, cleaning the tables, doing what needs to be done before the next busy.

Reliable dependable – operate long hours and you’ll be required to work all types of  shifts.  Coffee shop managers need to be assured that you will show up to work on time, and be dependable with coming to work.

Focused on quality – food and beverage quality is so important, because if you serve food that is substandard you will go out of business very quickly.  It is very important that you demonstrate that you understand the importance of food quality and you understand the impact on business if food quality drops.  Here is very beneficial to have your food safe or some kind of food preparation certificate.

Friendly – I said before that coffee is a service that you can drink.  What I’m really trying to say is that coffees not just a product, and even though your coffee shop sells excellent coffee if you service sucks your legal or business very fast.  So it is important to recognize that service it’s just as much part of the coffee experience is the coffee itself.  Make sure that you show the employer that you are capable of providing friendly professional service.

Calm under pressure – in the food business it doesn’t just matter that you can provide friendly service was slow, but it matters that you can provide friendly service when you’re really busy.  This is the difference between a good barista and a great barista.  The ability to remain calm and yet still work efficiently is a skill that not all coffee shop staff possess.  So if you can maintain a cool had under pressure make sure that you mentioned this in your job interview.