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Business Development Job Interview Questions

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Do you love selling and developing business?  Do you have a passion for meeting new people and possess the gift for gab?  Well then a job in the Business Development job field might be right for you.

Enough About Me, How About You?

Too many Business Development professionals mistakenly think the job interview is all about them. Fact is, it’s not about you. It’s all about the hiring company and what they need. You are secondary. Your interviewer will often provide a lot of details about the job, its requirements, their specific needs, the qualifications they’re looking for but too many candidates are so focused on what they’re going to say next, they just gloss over entirely the details and insight the interviewer just gave you. Listen carefully. If it’s a new position find out what their expectations are, if it’s a replacement position, find out what went wrong with the previous employee. If they tell you the last person who had the job didn’t know how to motivate and lead a staff, boom, there’s an opportunity, it’s an opening for you to interject a story about your managerial skills that can set you apart, make you memorable and distinctive.

Be Prepared

There’s simply no excuse for any job candidate to be caught unprepared for the most common interview questions. Why should I hire you? What’s your greatest weakness? Questions like these are likely to be asked in every Business Development job interview and you should be ready with a 45 to 6-second response to each of the most common questions. If you’re prepared with short, concise answers, you won’t make the mistake of droning on and boring the interviewer and you’ll appear alert and in command.

Smile And the Whole World Smiles With You

Smile more. Smile when you say anything positive. You love something, smile. You want to look like you love it. Because people think that if you love something, you’re going to be good at it.  And be positive. In fact, never say anything negative, even when talking about the weather. This can be especially hard if, like many job hunters today, you have to explain you were laid off.  The interviewer is actually not necessarily identifying with you as the candidate, but identifying with your management, or your company. You want to be talking about your boss and the management with admiration and respect.

Below you will see the common job interview questions for the field of Business Development.  Use these sample interview questions to help you prepare for your upcoming interview.