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Business Development Consultant Sample Job Interview Questions

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Business Development Consultant Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Business Development Consultant job interview questions designed specifically for the Business Development career. Be sure to check out more Business Development interview questions.

Describe your experience with generating leads by using different marketing techniques (i.e., cold calling, canvassing, networking, etc.) .

What do you know about business development reporting requirements, including preparing activity reports, reports of business transactions?

In your view, what is the most important aspect when preparing sales contracts and all necessary information to prospective clients to close sales? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with working an assigned territory to call on prospective customers and generate business.

How do you ensure success when you meet prospective clients with a cost analyses and the cost benefits of services to their organizations?

How often did you meet with classmates (study groups)? What was your role in these meetings? Describe a meeting in which you played this role.

Have you ever written any procedures or policies for customers, clients, or others in your organization? Give an example.

Describe the last time you made a difficult decision on the job as a Business Development Consultant. What facts did you consider? How long did it take you to decide?

What qualities do you think make a great Business Development Consultant?

What do you find most challenging when performing field visits for client maintenance and retention. Why?

In your job as a Business Development Consultant, how many hours do you spend on the road? How do you remain “fresh” as a Business Development Consultant for a meeting after long days at work? Give an example.

Tell me about a time when you could have done just a little more to make the sale. What did you do?

What are some examples of projects that demonstrated your technical expertise as a Business Development Consultant?