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Call Center Agent Sample Thank You Letter After Job Interview

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Call center job in customer service departments requires a lot of talking and chatting with customers. These positions are found mostly in retail store departments. Neither less to say, these jobs require an applicant to be extremely patient in talking to talking to customers.

Call center agent jobs are typically for undergraduate students seeking a part time job during the summer, recent college graduates, and etc. Some call center jobs are located in departmental stores and other are located in retail companies. The hours for the jobs are typically from 9 am to 5 pm or 5pm to 6am.

Call center agent jobs vary depending on what it is for and that it is same for thank you notes after the interview. If you are in the retail industry and is writing a call center job post interview thank you note, this is what it should look like:

“Dear Employer (Name),

I had enjoyed our conversation with you yesterday and I hope to work with you in the XXX department. I am excellent candidate for this position because I have proficient in public speaking; furthermore I am skilled at talking to customers in solving their problems and customers.

Thank you for your consideration.
Your name”


If you are not thinking of working in retail clothing industry and is thinking of more toward the business field, the call center position requires a lot of knowledge and expertise in the area. Past working experience in the area is typically weighted heavily. Below is an example;

“Dear Employer (Name),

Through our conversation over the phone, I had a pleasure speaking to you about the opportunity. I hope to take this opportunity farther by joining the team. From our conversation, I value the work that is offered and the availability of growth within the company. From my past experiences, I have been involved in several projects that are similar to this and I believe that I am a perfect fit for the company.

Thank you,
Your name”

Another call center job is within hospitals which people manage crises line phone calls for emergencies. This position is highly selective and can be based solely on your past experiences. The applicant must have a vast amount of knowledge in the field, if not; this requires training before the start of job. An example is like:

“Dear Employer (Name),

Through our initial conversation yesterday, I have learned the responsibilities that the job has to offer and I am really interested in embarking this journey to serve others in the community. I am an excellent candidate for this position because I have this similar experience in the past and I have faith in myself that I will not only do well in this position, but also exceed the expectations.

Thank you
Your name”

Another common call center job position is located in work at home positions. These positions allow you work at home at your own pace. You are required to pick up the phone and answer whatever questions that customers have. This is what it looks like in terms of the thank you note:

“Dear employer (Name),

It had been a pleasure talking to you and I hope to embark this opportunity. I am an efficient worker and I believe that working at home will have the same quality working at an office. Thank you for your consideration.

Your name”

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