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Call Center Job Interview Questions

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Do you have patience, love helping people and talking on the phone?  Then a career in the Call Center industry might be right for you.



Make sure that you prepare yourself to answer questions about your ability to be diplomatic and to show calmness under pressure when speaking to angry customers.  To prepare yourself for your big job interview, recall all the difficult customers you’ve dealt with in your career.  Make notes of this so that is fresh on your mind before your big day.

Problem-Solving And Communication.
What in call centers exist?  To help customers and solve their problems.  To do so you need strong problem-solving and communication skills.  For this reason call-center job interviews, focus on assessing your problem-solving and communication abilities.  To prepare yourself have examples on hand of when you solve problems for customers, when you explain something difficult and when you resolve conflict.


The ability to do several tasks at once, is critical in the job of any call center professional.  Not only do you have to talk and type, but there are administrative tasks such as filing paperwork and so forth.  So be prepared to answer questions on how you are able to do multiple things at once.  Good examples to provide our if you have held a job while going to school or perhaps volunteered in extracurricular activities.  By speaking to these things in your call center job interview, you will show the employer that you can do several things at once.  Another great example to provide to show multitasking is if you work in a very fast-paced environment such as a fast food restaurant or coffee shop.  Make sure that you mentioned your previous work experience in fast-paced environments to show your ability to do several things at once.

Following The Rules
Call-center managers look for people that can fall the rules.  The reason being is because most large, high-profile call centers have scripts for you to follow in order for you to make sales a provide customer service.  These scripts are often based on much study and expertise, and each call-center has their own the proven formula or script.  Think back to your previous work experiences where you had to follow procedures carefully.  Be prepared to answer questions in your job interview that show that you can follow rules and you will be successful.
Below are a variety of sample job interview questions specifically for call center jobs.  Make sure you review the job interview questions for the job you are interviewing for.  Prepare examples to provide that highlights your strong problem solving, interpersonal and communication skills.