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Collections Agent Call Center Sample Job Interview Questions

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Collections agents collect on outstanding accounts from customers who have failed to pay the proper amount, or pay on time.  As you can imagine, this work can be stressful due to the sensitive situations that you are required to handle.  Of course to be effective in this work you’ll need to have excellent communication skills along with the ability to negotiate payment terms and so on.  Because you are dealing with often times sensitive situations that include customers not being able to pay for whatever reason, because it’s never as simple as the customer tell you I can’t pay.  The customer will be telling you why they can’t pay and very often will be sharing personal information with you.  As such when you walk into job interview make sure that you tell the hiring manager how you are able to maintain strict confidentiality with customer information.  It would be nice if you could back up this claim with some examples of the kind of information that you have dealt with previously and tell him how comfortable you are in terms of maintaining confidentiality.  By proving you can keep it secret, you will be sure to impress the interviewers.

Here are sample Call Center Collections Agent job interview questions designed specifically for the Call Center career field.  Be sure to check out more sample Call Center job interview questions and answers.

Be sure to check out more sample Call Center job interview questions and answers.

In collections, you will have to deal with conflict when clients do not want to pay. Describe a time when you had to deal with an angry customer.

What do you know about commercial credit and collection laws.

What is the difference between privacy and confidentiality?

What is the most creative solution you come up with when collecting on account?

Can you tell me what guidelines there are at the federal and state level with regards to confidentiality?

Tell me about the goals your department set for you and pass collection jobs and how you met these goals.

Some collections have a short sales cycle, and others, a long cycles. Which do you prefer and why?

Defined what entering forward billing and aggressively working collections means to you.

Tell me about some of the activities you do outside of work.  How you balance all in all this in your schedule?