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Credit Collections Manager, Collections Supervisor Job Interview Questions

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A Credit Collections Manager leads a team of direct reports in the collection of overdue accounts, locating debtors, arranging payments in order to manage the credit portfolio for an employer.  Employers look for individuals who not only can communicate well with their direct reports, and clients when dealing with escalations, but they also look for someone who can show strong written communication skills.  Bring with you to your job interview samples of collection letters and correspondence that you’ve created.  There’s no better way to show the employer you would be a great employee you would be that by showing them your work.

If you are a Credit Collections Manager or Supervisor and have an upcoming interview then you should read this post. This post will focus on job interview questions specifically for the job of Credit Collections Manager.

Credit Collections Manager Job Interview Questions

How would the Credit Collections Representatives that report to you describe your management style?

What kind of experience you have within a commercial collection environment? How did the skill sets differ between business-to-business collections versus this is the customer collections?

As a Collections Manager, you will be required to be able to present reports on invoicing and credit portfolio, etc. Tell me about the most memorable presentation you have made.

We are constantly looking to improve our processes and policies in our credit and collections department. Describe any improvements have you made or policies implemented to credit and collections improve cash velocity and decrease bad debt?

The ability to effectively coach staff is vital to the position of Credit and Collections Manager. Describe a time when a Collector or Collections Rep that reported to you was failing to meet department objectives. How did you handle this?

What is your experience as a Collections Manager within unionized environment?

The Collections Manager will play leading role in developing a great work environment. What methods or techniques do you use to develop a culture of learning, accountability and teamwork in your Collections department.

Have any of your Collectors been released because they didn’t work out? Why were they released? What, if anything, was done to improve their problem areas before they were released?

As Collections Manager, you will set department objectives and plans. Tell me about some of the long-term or short-term plans you’ve developed for the credit and collections department.

Teamwork is essential to be successful in this Credit Collections Manager position. Give me an example of when you had to help a colleague or peer on a work assignment.

Burn out is very common in collectors or collections reps as collections may be stressful at times. How to ensure your team members do not get burned out?

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