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Customer Service Manager Job Interview Questions – Client Care Supervisor

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This post is for anyone who is interviewing for a Customer Service Manager position.  Below we show you what you’ll be asked in a typical job interview for a Customer Service Manager job.  Sometimes, CSM are also known as customer service supervisors, call center managers, client care managers, service supervisors, call center team leads, and I have even seen the job called account manager.  Regardless, the job interview questions below have been developed by HR professionals.   The techniques used to create these questions include analyzing the core competencies or skills, job ad requirements and so forth.

So what will you be asked in your interview?  When you walk into your job interview make sure that you are prepared to speak to the different ways that you have provided customer service to clients not only through the phone system but through e-mail and live chat and so forth.  Today’s technology really enables customer service departments to provide support and client care through multiple different channels.  High profile companies want to hire customer service managers are comfortable in all these mediums.

A positive energy and a customer focus are things that customer service manager is responsible for building within his or her team.  What I’m saying is that customer service reps will follow the example their manager and if there manager is positive, enthusiastic and demonstrates a client focus this is contagious for the rest of the team.  Call centers and service departments look for managers who can build cohesive teams.  Prepare a few examples of when you had to coach coworkers or direct reports and have examples ready to highlight how successful you are in motivating a team of individuals to reach a goal.  If you have these kind of things prepared and reviewed the sample interview questions below you a better chance of success.

Depending on the industry, department and company, Customer Service Managers may also be called:

  • antique dealer
  • assistant manager – retail
  • bookstore manager
  • car dealership manager
  • clothing store manager
  • customer experience manager
  • department store manager
  • guest service manager
  • pleasure boat dealer
  • service station manager
  • sporting goods store manager
  • store manager – retail
  • supermarket manager
  • travel agency manager
  • variety store manager

Customer Service Manager or Client Care Supervisor Job Interview Questions

As a Customer Service Manager, managing your CSR’s performance to create a high performance culture is a priority.  Tell me about a scenario when you had customer service rep that wasn’t meeting performance standards.  What did you do to address this issue?

Have you had to support customers across different contact channels for example through e-mails, live chat, phones and so forth?

Strong conflict resolution skills are vital to being a successful Client Care Supervisor.  Describe a time when you had to deal with an irate customer who was abusive to your staff.  How did you handle it?

As our customer service manager, you will need to set quality standards.  How do you set customer service standards to the team?  Do you engage and involve your team members in setting these standards and departmental goals?

Handling customer escalations is a core function of the client care supervisor.  How do you handle customer service complaints that have been escalated to you?

What is good customer service to you?

What is the difference between customer service and customer experience?

Often in customer service or client care, you need to deal with a high volume of escalations as well as your staff .  Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. How were you able to perform successfully in this environment?

If you had an angry client, how do you help calm him/her down?

What is your proudest achievement in customer service?  Why?

Think back to your career as a client care supervisor.  Describe your philosophy in customer service.

The ability to make sound judgments is a characteristic of great customer service managers. There is a popular saying, “the customer is always right”.  What is your belief on this saying?

Why should we hire you for our customer service or client care department supervisor?

How has your background prepared you for this job as our customer service manager?

Describe your management style in leading a customer service department.

Do you have a preference for locations?

Read the following scenario:

Your team member Bob comes to you with an escalation.  A customer by the name of Jane purchases a VOIP phone from your company to reduce her long distance bills and 2 months later discovers that it is malfunctioned. She returns it to the store within the 3 month warranty and another CSR sends it away to the manufacturer for repairs and tells Jane that it will take 14 days for the phone to be shipped back. Jane waits patiently and receives the repaired phone and within a few days discovers the phone broken again. This time she returns to the store and demands a refund. The CSR informs Jane that the store has a 3 day refund policy that has expired. Jane complains that due to the phone breaking down all the time she has not been able to cancel her long distance plan and has had to pay for two phone bills. She then asks for another repair but the CSR informs her that the 3 month warranty has expired. Jane demands to speak to the manager and so Bob comes to you as Client Care Manager and you are asked to resolve this.

List as many of Jane’s feelings as you can and explain why.   Now list as many of Bob’s feelings as you can and explain why.  How would you resolve this matter?

More About These Questions and How to Answer

The customer service job interview questions in this post are the same ones used by HR professionals today.  For more information on these questions and how to answer them, see the following post on how to sell yourself in an interview.

Lastly, review your resume before you go to your job interview.  Often hiring managers will create their questions based on your resume and the job posting.

For more see our articles, tips and sample resumes on our site. So until our next post, we wish you much luck and success in your career search.