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Customer Service, Client Service Representative Job Interview Questions

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If you are interviewing or hiring for a Customer Service Representative position, you will want to read this post. Below are some good job interview questions for a Customer Service Representative job. The methods we used to develop these questions are the same ones we used as corporate HR in developing
job interview questions for hiring managers. Be aware that depending on the employer, Customer Service Reps may also be called:

CSR, customer service adviser, customer service agent, customer service assistant, claims clerk, customer service complaints clerk, call centre agent, customer service adviser, customer service assistant, sales and customer service agent, customer complaint agent, client service representative, customer complaint associate

Also, depending on the industry, CSR’s can be called:

accounts information clerk
bus information clerk
call centre agent – customer service
complaints clerk – customer service
counter enquiries clerk
courtesy desk clerk
customer service clerk
customer service representative – call centre
enquiries clerk
hospital information clerk
information clerk – customer service
lost-and-found clerk
order desk agent
public relations clerk
tourist information clerk

Customer Service Representative, Client Service Representative Job Interview Questions

Conflict resolution skills are vital to being a successful Client Service Representative.  Describe a time when you had to deal with an irate customer who was abusive? How did you handle it?

Customer Service Reps or CSR ResumeAnthology’s , in call centres need to be able to talk and type.  Taking calls while typing is a requirement of the job. Describe your talk and type skills, when have you used this skill in your work history? What is your typing speed?

The ability to speak languages in addition to English is very helpful in the role of Client Service Representative ( CSR ) .  How many languages do you speak and/or write? Describe your fluency level.

Often a Client Service Representative must be comfortable working in a fast paced environment.  Normally, dealing with a high volume of customers is a requirement for a CSR. Tell me about a time when you had to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. How were you able to perform successfully in this environment?

Based on your experience as a CSR or Client Service Representative, how do you calm down an angry customer?

Having emotional intelligence is an important trait to be a successful Customer Service or Client Service Representative.  The following scenario will test your ability to sense and understand other’s feelings.

Read the following scenario:

Jane purchases a VOIP phone from ABC tech to reduce her long distance bills and 2 months later discovers that it is malfunctioned. She returns it to the store within the 3 month warranty and the CSR sends it away to the manufacturer for repairs and tells Jane that it will take 14 days for the phone to be shipped back. Jane waits patiently and receives the repaired phone and within a few days discovers the phone broken again. This time she returns to the store and demands a refund. The CSR informs Jane that the store has a 3 day refund policy that has expired. Jane complains that due to the phone breaking down all the time she has not been able to cancel her long distance plan and has had to pay for two phone bills. She then asks for another repair but the CSR informs her that the 3 month warranty has expired. Jane escalates this and you as Senior CSR are asked to resolve this.

List as many of Jane’s feelings as you can and explain why. How would you resolve this matter?