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Sales Call Center Representative Sample Job Interview Questions

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Competitive With Perseverance Equals Super Salesperson

Are you very competitive? are you the type of person with great perseverance?  If I were to ask you in a job interview for a sales position, “give me five examples of when you persevered at something and succeeded”, which you be able to answer this question?  It’s very important that you walk into your job interview ready to show an employer that you will are the kind of person who is very competitive and does not quit.  And you should be prepared to us support your answers with examples.  The examples should show a pattern that you have been consistent with these traits through your life.  If you cannot provide an example in your job interview answer, it really weakens your credibility.

Here are sample Sales Call Center Representative job interview questions designed specifically for the Call Center career field. Remember to make sure you smile and make eye contact during your interview. Doing so with a lively voice shows you are energetic and motivated, both which are key traits employers look for in call center jobs.

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How often do you meet with your employees as a group? How do you prepare for these meetings? What is your role? Give an example.

Describe what a CRM is.  What kinds of customer relationship management systems of the work with?

Describe your experience with phone sales? How about with outbound sales?

Give me an example of how you demonstrated a positive “customer first” attitude and a desire to succeed in your last job

This job requires a min typing speed of 35 wpm. Can you meet this requirement?

In an important part of your job will be to meet and/or exceed sales goals.  I do you think you’ll do if we would hire you for this position?

What kind of tools and techniques to use to ensure you communicate effectively with the customer?

What’s the key to success when creating quotes?  What have you learned about closing sales?

Giving example of a time when you showed persistence and had to overcome an obstacle.

Important part of the job is to gather information from customers determine what their needs are and then match it with our service and product line?  In your sales career, when have you done something like this?

Do you consider yourself as someone who possesses advanced sales skills?  What makes these skills advanced?

Would you consider yourself competitive?  Why?  Give me some examples.

When have you persisted in a task and then realize you should have given up?  What have you learned from this?

As our salesperson you will be working with a diverse population selling our products and services.  When have you worked with a diverse population?

What is the toughest sales you made?