Child Care Interview Questions

Earn a better income in the job you love – working in the child care industry. Here are some awesome job interview questions used by today’s top child care centers. Take a look at these questions to find out what you will be asked in your upcoming interview.

To make sure you ace your job interview, be prepared to explain how you can focus your full attention on children at all times. Prepare an example to demonstrate how you noticed something important before any other staff did and you will prove your point.

In addition, don’t forget to speak about your first aid training, this is always a plus. Make sure you describe your traits such as passion with childcare, patience, interest with diverse groups of children.

Be sure to dress appropriately to exhibit a professional presentation. Tell the potential employer about your self-motivated and make sure you exhibit a high energy and a positive attitude.

Lastly smile and don’t interrupt the interviewer and show your strong interpersonal skills.

Describe your personality.

Relate an approach, different from your normal approach, you took to solve a problem. How did you come up with the approach? What other options did you consider?

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Bonus Questions

  • What types of bosses have been the most difficult to work for? Give examples. Why?
  • What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
  • What "bargains" have you successfully negotiated with customers, superiors, other departments, etc.? How?

Daily Interview Tip

Work on your interview answers so that you can improve for future interviews. If asked if you consider yourself successful, be candid without sounding arrogant. Mention observations other people have made about your work strengths or talents. Volunteer and go to events where hiring authorities may be found. Ratchet up your networking to include anything that exposes you to hiring authorities who can get past your tenure issue because now they know you.