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How to Answer Youth Worker Job Interview Questions

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Safety For Youth

So you will be a youth worker and you have your job interview coming up?  How do you prepare yourself for this interview?  Be prepared to answer questions related to how you ensure safety among the use that you supervise.  Safety is a very important factor in youth programs at employers running these programs want a youth worker that is safety minded.  Make sure that you are comfortable in speaking to all the safety regulations and procedures that were associated with your previous job and maybe even have a few examples ready to highlight your safety awareness.  Of course, it would be awesome if you didn’t have a great safety record and this is something that a potential employer could check as a part of the reference check to verify your claims.

Youth Workers Must Be Team Players

The other question you’ll be asked in your interview will be around how well you work with others.  This is because youth workers, youth group leaders and so forth often have to work with other people such as instructors or program coordinator.  It’s important that you are ready and know how to answer these kinds of interview questions.  Usually the question might be something like, “tell me about a time when you had difficulty getting along with somebody at work?”.  What they’re looking for here is not only will you be truthful because everybody wants to claim that they get along with everybody else, but in fact conflict is inevitable at work.  And if you answer by saying I get along with everybody, this will cause the interviewers to question your sincerity.  Instead, you should be ready to speak to a conflict that you had with another coworker Department and demonstrate how you utilize your conflict resolution skills in a professional manner.

Here are sample At Risk Youth Worker job interview questions designed specifically for the Child Care career field.

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Describe your experience with providing age appropriate positive discipline and crisis intervention.

How do you avoid mistakes when participating in milieu treatment planning and implementation?

What do you find most challenging when transporting residents to appointments. Why?

What do you know about coordination with clinical treatment plan, exchange of information with therapists?

What is the most important thing when recording daily progress notes on each resident?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of providing routine, personal healthcare such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, moving in/out of bed? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with coordinating daily activities of residents.

How do you ensure success when you planning residents attendance in counseling sessions?

. What have you done as a At Risk Youth Worker in situations like this?

What makes you great at being a Youth Worker?

How do you motivate and get the youth involved in your programs?  Give me an example.

Describe your background with helping students with homework.  What subjects are you comfortable providing assistance with?