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Early Childhood Educator, Preschool Teacher, Day-Care Worker Job Interview Questions

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Organizing fun things for children in preschool and school-age children, Early childhood educators play an integral role in child development.

    Early childhood educator work with and lead ECE assistants to watch over children in child-care centres, day care, kindergartens, nursery schools, and special education agencies for exceptional children. Early childhood educators play a vital role in the development of the child’s intellectual, physical and emotional progress.

    If you are an ECE or work in day care and have a job interview upcoming then you should this post.  We suggest that you prepare for your interview by reviewing the questions below and preparing your responses in advance of your next interview.  Also it would be very beneficial to be prepared to give examples to support your job interview answers.

    Early Childhood Educator, Preschool Teacher, Day-Care Worker Job Interview Questions:

    1. As our Observe Early Childhood Educator or Day Care Worker, you will be working with children with learning disabilities or emotional challenges. Tell me about the most difficult child you have had to work with. What made it difficult? How did you adapt? What did you learn?
    2. What role do you think Day Care Workers and ECE’s play in the fostering and development of free and democratic society?
    3. What methods do you use to develop and implement activities that not only support and promote the child development but ALSO keep their interest?
    4. Tell me about a time when you had to handle a child or group of children that were being belligerent or uncooperative. For example when you were reading stories, teaching songs, demonstrating a physical activity, showing the use of simple musical instrument, or making crafts.
    5. Effective communication skills are very important to be an effective
      Early Childhood Educator or Day Care Worker. Tell me about a difficult conversation you had to have with a parent or staff member about the progress or problems of a child.
    6. To deliver the proper care and education to our children, our Preschool  Teachers work as a team with other community service providers. Tell me about about a time when you did not get along with a community service professional.
    7. What are you strengths as an Early Childhood Educator or Preschool Teacher?
    8. Tell me more about the certifications, diploma, degrees, etc. that you hold related to early childhood education.
    9. Why should we hire you as our Preschool Teacher or Day-Care Worker?

    Early Childhood Educators are known by many different different job titles.  Here are some job titles related to ECE’s:

    child-care worker assistant

    child-care worker, day care

    day-care helper

    day-care supervisor

    day-care worker

    early childhood assistant

    early childhood education worker

    early childhood educator

    early childhood educator assistant

    early childhood program staff assistant

    early childhood supervisor

    preschool helper

    preschool supervisor

    preschool teacher

    early childhood supervisor

    nursery school aide

    nursery school helper

    nursery school teacher

    helper, day care

    helper, nursery school

    infant day-care workers supervisor

    infants’ day-care worker

    aide, day care

    aide, nursery school

    assistant, early childhood educator

    baby-care worker

    baby-care worker assistant

    baby-care workers supervisor