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Closed Job Interview Questions

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Closed questions or job interview questions that are answered with either a yes or no.  The intent here is to simply confirm facts, and not to have a long dialogue.  Closed job interview questions are usually used as knockout questions during the first interview.  An example of a closed question used in a job interview for a truck driver might be, “Do you hold a class I drivers license with air brake certification?”.  for position as an accountant.  It might be, “This position requires a CMA designation, are you able to meet this requirement?”.


Close questions are used to eliminate candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements.  In this way, they are called knockout questions.


How Do You Answer Closed Questions?

You simply answer yes or no.  all too often I hear candidates who provide long detailed conversations when asked to respond to a yes or no question.  Remember hiring managers have probably interview three or four candidates before your interview and I such are quite fatigued.  When the candidate responds with a long-winded answer to an yes or no question, the interviewer begins to think that the candidate is trying to hide something or is dodging the question.  So if you’re asked a close ended question in a job interview simply answers, yes or no.  Not doing so will hurt your application.


examples of close ended job interview questions are:


  • Do you hold degree in…..
  • Do you hold a certification or diploma in…..
  • This job requires you to work shift work are you able to meet this requirement………
  • This position requires you to work in all weather conditions outside, are you able to meet this requirement?
  • This job requires you to…….. do you meet this requirement?


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