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How Colors You Wear Impact Your Job Interview

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We all know that dressing professionally for a job interview can leave a good first impression with the employer, but what about the color of your attire? Have you ever wondered why doctors wear white or police officers wear blue? Or why black represents power and red implies passion?

Let’s face it, we are visual creatures and make judgments based on appearance. For example, I know women who judge the suitability of a potential partner based on the shoes they wear. I bet you never thought footwear can play such a large role in helping to get you noticed by the opposite sex.

Different colors influence people in different ways from trust to aloof and everything in between. Color psychologists and scientists have been studying the impact of colors for years and how people respond to different colors in clothing, building, rooms etc.

Anyway, there are many articlesthat describe the impact of color and what colors you may choose to wear to the job interview. Also check out our online job interview course where you will learn effective techniques through interactive exercises and demonstrations. Using actual clips from real applicants, you will have the opportunity to see first-hand common mistakes made and obtain practical tips for improvement