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Two Most Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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Tell Me About Yourself

You want a better job to make more money and have a better future.  So today I want to talk to you about some of the questions you might be asked in a job interview. The biggest question that you’ll be asked is Most people start to answer from the perspective of their personal life, and for example they’ll say something like I be like fishing or playing basketball. However this answer will not get you too far because it doesn’t relate to the job often. So your answer should relate to the job for instance if you like playing team sports that you should mention that it is teaming trash that you like best and you should explain then how this passion for team sports would help you in this job.

What Is Your Greatest Weakness

The second biggest question you’ll be asked is, what is your weakness?  most people see the cliché things like I’m a perfectionist, or a work too hard and so forth. Remember that interviewer has heard this answer 1 times before and if you replay with this kind of answer you may be perceived as not genuine or not being truthful. What you should do is to be honest with the job interviewer and really give a truthful answer, but it’s important that you also indicate not just your weakness but what you are doing to improve upon read this. So for instance if you hate public speaking you can say that you’re taking toastmasters or some kind of public speaking course to improve upon your weakness.

While the sums up today’s discussion on the two most common questions in a job interview. Practice these questions and your response and be well on your way to a better job and better financial future.

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