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Short Order Cook Sample Job Interview Questions

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Short Order Cook Sample Job Interview Questions

What separates good cook’s from great cooks?  The key difference is the ability to thrive under pressure.  Top notch diners and restaurants look for short order cooks who can maintain a calm manner while working quickly and efficiently during a rush.  Not only do employers look for someone who can actually cook great tasting food, but someone who can do this under pressure.

If You Can’t Stand The Heat

Make sure to tell the interviewer how you respond under pressure.  Let them know how you keep a level head, and keep an eye on stock levels, and orders.  Describe how you prep properly before the rush so you are not caught off guard and the plan you have for those unexpected busy times.

A Great Dining Experience Is A Team Effort

Restaurant managers look for short order cooks who can work well within a team.  What does that mean?  This means not only getting along with your coworkers but helping them when it is required.  No one wants to hire a cook who just looks out after him or herself.  Let the employer know that you look for opportunities to help the chef, servers, line cooks, with dinner prep or plating and so on.

Food Quality Is King

The success of a diner is dependent on the quality of the food it servers to it’s customers.  Hot food must be served hot and cold food must be served cold.  You must remember to tell the interviewer how important maintaining food quality is to you.  Work into your answer the things you do to ensure the ingredients and the finished product meet quality standards.  Make sure you speak to how you maintain food presentation standards, this will demonstrate that you have an eye for detail and that’s exactly the kind of cook an employer wants.

Here are sample Short Order Cook job interview questions designed specifically for the Cooking career.
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What do you know about safety procedures in a kitchen?

How do you ensure kitchen staff maintains a clean environment.

What is your favourite salad recipe?  Describe the ingredients and preparation.

What type of lunch specials would you suggest for our diner?

Describe your experience with cooking breakfast.

As Short Order Cook, we will depend on your to open the restaurant on time every morning. How would your former employers describe your dependability?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of Short Order Cooking?

What lessons or tricks have you learned over the years? Can you give an example of putting one of these lessons or tricks to use?

What changes would you make to our menu to improve breakfast sales?

Tell me a bit more about your background with various tastes and ideas to stimulate the palate.

How do you ensure success when multitask in a busy kitchen?

What types of forms do you regularly complete in our job as Short Order Cook? Tell me about one of the most difficult or important forms you have had to complete.

Tell me a bit more about your background with baking.