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Cafeteria Cook Worker Sample Job Interview Questions

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When it comes to hiring cafeteria cooks, employers look for responsible person who can hire and train kitchen staff.  In addition you’ll need to show the job interviewer that you are the right person to motivate and coach cafeteria workers.  Not only do you need to be able to manage people, but you will need to manage inventory, supplies and the food costs.  Be ready to answer job interview questions on how you were able to reduce food costs.  Have solid numbers and percentages ready for your interview.  The key in the job interview is to demonstrate that you able to reduce food costs while maintaining high food quality.  Make sure that you work into your answer how you maintained quality through good practices like food rotation, checklists, logs, and so forth.


Cafeteria Cook Worker Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Cafeteria Cook Worker job interview questions designed specifically for the Child Care career field.

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What do you know about planning menus according to budgeted guidelines, foods in season?

What do most new staff forget to do when maintaining records?

One of our top priorities this year is to improve the control of food portions in our cafeteria.  What ideas do you have that might work for us?

We are looking to implement best practices when it comes to storing food safely and properly.  Tell me a bit more about your knowledge in the area of food storage safety.

In this cafeteria you will be working with various population groups including vulnerable population groups such as seniors and children.  A requirement for all our staff is that they have a criminal background check.  Will you be able to meet this requirement?

What kinds of certificates or training to hold related to food safety, safe food handling ?

What kinds of certifications do you have related to you first aid and CPR?

We have several large steam tables in our cafeteria.  What experience you have steam tables including operation and maintenance?

What is your secret to controlling food costs without sacrificing quality?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of preparing meals for faculty meetings, family functions and trainings? Why?

Tell me a bit more about your background with accommodating many allergies and dietary needs.

How do you ensure success when you assuming budgetary responsibilities?

What do you like least about your former job? Why? Give examples.

Describe your experience with preparing nutritionally balanced family-style meals for children and faculty.

How do you avoid mistakes when completing food orders?

What do you know about meeting state & federal nutritional requirements for children. Why?

Have you planned any conferences, workshops, or retreats? What steps did you take for one of these?

Give me some examples of safety procedures that are/were part of your previous job as a Cafeteria Cook Worker. How did these procedures affect your work? Give a specific example.

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