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Sous Chef Sample Job Interview Questions

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Everybody dreams of working for an award-winning restaurant.  But to get this kind of cooking job not only do you have to have superior culinary skills but you also first need to pass your job interview.  Below we will show you a few ways to improve how you answer your job interview questions.  In addition we include some sample interview questions for you to help you prepare your answers.

Healthy Recipes

Today’s top restaurants not only look for chefs who can cook delicious food, but also food that is healthy for their customers.  All the other applicants will discuss the standard culinary training and so forth.  You need additional qualification to make you stand out from the other chefs.  Knowledge of healthy foods, and nutrition is key to distinguishing your application from the rest.  Don’t be afraid to bring a few notes for jot down a few menu items that you’ve created in the past that were healthy.  When you describe some of your previous food creations ensure you discuss the nutritional elements.

Leadership In The Kitchen

The main job of a sous chef is to leave the kitchen team to produce excellent food consistently.  Be prepared to answer questions to demonstrate that you have the ability to motivate staff.  Some of the stats that you can use to support good staff morale can be attendance records, safety record and kitchen staff turnover.  Have these numbers ready so that you can succinctly speak to them and prove that you can back up your claims.

Have examples of the kind of systems that you put in place to monitor the quality of the food that was prepared.  Make sure your that you discuss more in detail what the system was as a whole and how it all worked together.  Include details such as rotation of food practices and how works together with your temperature logs and other paperwork.  The goal here is to describe the system not just individual practices.

Sous Chef Cook Sample Job Interview Questions


Here are sample Sous Chef Cook job interview questions designed specifically for the Cooking career. Be sure to check out more Cooking interview questions.

Describe your experience with culinary cooking.

What we are looking for in this position is for sous chef to do two main things in the kitchen: motivate the kitchen staff and monitor food quality.  If we were to hire you for this position what which implement to ensure these two things are achieved?

What are your initial thoughts about our menu?

What do you know about flattop, grill, and sauté stations?

In your view, what is the most important aspect of batch/scratch cooking?

What are some of the most difficult cooking assignments you have had in our job as Sous Chef Cook? Explain.

Tell me a bit more about your background with catering functions.

How do you ensure success when working with an Executive Chef and or Kitchen Manager

How many different fresh made to order restaurant style meals have you had to learn to prepare?

How have you improved the level of sanitation in your previous positions?

Describe a meeting in which you helped to solve a problem as a Sous Chef Cook. What did you do?

How do you ensure that staff are adhering to proper quality standards?

What background you have in menu development?

Restaurant management would like to take a new direction towards a healthier menu.  What kinds of healthy recipes have you had to lead your kitchen team to successfully implement?

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